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The most obvious difference between DSL and cable internet is speed, as cable is much faster. However, they are physically different in that a DSL connection is typically done through a phone line while a cable connection does not require this. DSL internet is usually cheaper and can be available in areas that cable is not.

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Q: How is a DSL connection different from cable internet?
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Which is better, DSL broadband internet connection, or cable internet connection?

A cable internet connection is best unless you live very close to a DSL hub. Regular cable internet is faster than high speed DSL in most cases and high speed cable is even faster.

Internet connection but no dial tone?

DSL, or Cable Internet.

What are types of internet available connections?

What are the available type of internet connection

Is DSL the fastest internet connection?

no, the fastest internet is not dsl its cable internet beside that, it the government internet that the real fastest the fastest you going to get with dsl is 5 mbps a cable or fiber cable you will get 10 or up to 50 mbps of speed depending on the server.

What makes DSL internet faster than cable internet?

DSL internet does not loose speed regardless of the distance traveled. Witrh cable the further yu are away from the source the slower your connection.

How do you internet connection on console for ps2?

You have a internet connection in your house for cable or DSL and a router. You Purchase an ethernet cable and plug it into the back of the router and into the port for the ethernet cable in the back of the PS2

What is faster than a dial up connection?

DSL, Cable modems, wireless internet and satellite internet.

What are the different internet connection?

for starters, there are dial up (through the phone lines), Cable (via cable), DSL (through phone lines), T1 - T3

Is cable internet as fast as DSL service?

Both cable internet and DSL services offer different speeds at different prices. The more you can afford to pay the higher your speed can be.

What kind of connection is smart broadband internet is it cable modem dsl isdn t1 t3?

cable modem

What is the speed of internet connection?

It depends on the provider and the type of connection. It could be dial-up, cable, or DSL. Internet connection speeds are usually measured in Kbps.

What a broadband Internet connection is?

Broadband internet connection are internet connections that are "high speed" non dial-up connection. i.e : Cable internet , DSL internet , Satellite internet

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