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A computer virus is like a real virus in that both are infectious. Real viruses can travel from person to person, and Computer Viruses can travel from computer to computer. And of course, both computer viruses and real viruses have harmful effects on the organisms or computers which become infected by them.


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One is a real microbe (human virus). It is a real virus germ, that causes infections in people like the flu and a cold. Computer viruses are not real germs and are only nicknamed a "virus" because they spread like one from computer to computer. Computer viruses are just software/programs that can be put on and hidden in your computers by other computers through malicious programs that a criminal geek has created to harm your system and make it harm other systems in return. It has nothing to do with germs or real infections.

LOUINHOCK is the real virus inventor.......

Virus' kill your computer software is things like Microsoft word but if you have a virus in your software than the software is not real it is a virus.

The best way to stop them from entering your computer is installing a real-time anti-virus program. Many such programs can bu gotten for free, like Avira.

A virus slows down a computer because, just like a real world virus, it keeps replicating until your computer is literally FULL of viruses. Otherwise, the virus deletes critical system files or data and so your computer slows down because it does no longer contain the logic to operate.

the ovre write virus is the virus that affects computer like

They Scan Your Computer And Alert You When You Have A Virus.....Sort Of Like a Security System For Your Computer

The computer virus cannot be seen therefore it has no figure.

A Computer virus usually gets in by the internet , just like unwanted cookies. You would need a virus scanner to remove the virus from your computer or laptop .

Yes. However the AIDS computer virus is nothing like the Human AIDS virus. Your computer can not get the Human AIDS virus. This computer virus was written in 1990, and affected .com files running on the DOS system.

well it depends on what virus it has like a weak virus then yes but a big virus like a Trojan horse then no.

a computer virus program like" Fire fox", will protect a computer against a virus.

If your computer allready have the virus then you have to reinstall Windows etc. If you want to protect it from virus then get an antivirus like avast.

Computer viruses and human viruses both infect something.

No she is a computer system and she died by a bug ( virus <--) searching for releted things like her and yeah

computer has a virus remove virus on the computer

It makes the computer slow and disfunction. Like how a VIRUS in your body would make your body disfunction.

If you want to destroy your computer virus then scan and destro it using the Anti-virus software like COMODO,Norton,AVAST etc..

A computer virus is a sort of program. They get their name because they spread in a way that appars to be simlar to the way viruses spread. Like a biological virus, a computer virus co-ops the normal functions of a computer service. They also spread appearing like a parasite .

i dont know the correct answer but i do know the answer to the joke of that question its miley virus but idk if thats the real aswer like her real name is miley cyrus so yeaa claudia owens age 11

A virus is a piece of code that attaches itself to a program or file so it can spread from computer to computer. A worm, like a virus, is designed to copy itself from one computer to another, but it does so automatically.

They refer a virus as a virus because its almost like making your computer sick.

Creating a computer virus is unethical because viruses do things on people's computer's without their permission. Creating and distributing a computer virus would be like using their computer without their consent. Also, depending on what the computer virus does, you could incur a number of other ethical problems - like stealing, harassment, etc.

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