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A computer virus is like a real virus in that both are infectious. Real viruses can travel from person to person, and Computer Viruses can travel from computer to computer. And of course, both computer viruses and real viruses have harmful effects on the organisms or computers which become infected by them.

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Q: How is a computer virus like a real virus?
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Who was the inventor of computer virus?

LOUINHOCK is the real virus inventor.......

What is the difference between virus and software programs?

Virus' kill your computer software is things like Microsoft word but if you have a virus in your software than the software is not real it is a virus.

What is the difference between a human virus and a computer virus?

One is a real microbe (human virus). It is a real virus germ, that causes infections in people like the flu and a cold. Computer viruses are not real germs and are only nicknamed a "virus" because they spread like one from computer to computer. Computer viruses are just software/programs that can be put on and hidden in your computers by other computers through malicious programs that a criminal geek has created to harm your system and make it harm other systems in return. It has nothing to do with germs or real infections.

How do you think a computer virus compares to a real virus?

yes but why do you really care

Is Hatsune Miku a real person?

No because she’s a computer system then died by a bug(virus)

How do you stop virus by entering your computer?

The best way to stop them from entering your computer is installing a real-time anti-virus program. Many such programs can bu gotten for free, like Avira.

Why does a virus slow down a computer?

A virus slows down a computer because, just like a real world virus, it keeps replicating until your computer is literally FULL of viruses. Otherwise, the virus deletes critical system files or data and so your computer slows down because it does no longer contain the logic to operate.

What is overwrite virus?

the ovre write virus is the virus that affects computer like

What is Virus Scanners?

They Scan Your Computer And Alert You When You Have A Virus.....Sort Of Like a Security System For Your Computer

How does computer virus figure looks like?

The computer virus cannot be seen therefore it has no figure.

How do computer viruses get into your computer?

A Computer virus usually gets in by the internet , just like unwanted cookies. You would need a virus scanner to remove the virus from your computer or laptop .

Can you do an upgrade if your computer has a virus?

well it depends on what virus it has like a weak virus then yes but a big virus like a Trojan horse then no.

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