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How is a door panel removed in a Chevy Celebrity?



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Thee is some variation on door panels through the years, particularly on the drivers door with power windows and door locks. You will have to figure those out, but that is not difficult.

To remove the door panel from a Chevy Celebrity:

1. Pry off door lock lever.

2. If the car has an inside remote mirror loosen the set screw that holds the joy stick in.

3. Remove the two screws that hold the trim panel, remove the panel. If the car has power door locks remove the connector.

4. If the car has manual windows remove the window crank.

5. Remove the other screw at the top front of the panel.

6. The sides and bottom of the panel are held in with plastic studs. Insert a thin piece of metal between the panel and the door and gently pry apart. The plastic studs are often old and no longer pliable so you will break most of them getting the panel off. Replacements are available in the "Help" line of parts. The replacements vary slightly from the original but will work.

7. Remove the arm rest. Later models have a grab handle, there is a screw under the trim piece at the top, remove it.

8. Lift up on the panel to free it from the top of the door.

9. If the car has power windows remove the plug that holds the wire harness to the switch. At this point the panel should be free from the door.