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How is modulation index related to digital modulation?

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No modulation index for digital modulation .

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What is the unit for modulation index?

There is no unit for modulation index. It is unitless...

What is modulation index?

Modulation index is also called as Modulation depth. The modulation index of a modulation scheme describes by how much the modulated variable of the carrier signal varies around its unmodulated level.

How the modulation index varies for FM?

how modulation index varies for FM

Advantages of hybrid modulation over digital modulation?

presentation of analog digital hybrid modulation

What are the advantages of digital modulation over analog modulation?

1)digital modulation can easily detect and correct the noise. where as analog modulation has little complexity 2)security is more in digital modulation 3)digital modulated signal can traverse a long distance compared to analog modulation

What is the range of modulation index in am?

The modulation index in AM can range from zero to any number. But if distortion is to be avoided, then the index must not exceed 100%.

How to Generate digital data for bpsk modulation?

How to Generate digital data for bpsk modulation?

What is Modulation index in Frequency modulation?

Modulation Index is the ratio of the maximum deviation frequency to the frequency of modulation. In other words it is the ratio of the spread in frequency spectrum to the frequency that was used to modulate the carrier. For FM, modulation index is given by the formula mf= df/f where, mf=modulation index for FM df=difference in carrier frequency f=frequency of the signal

The values of amplitude modulation index is objective types?

The values of amplitude modulation index is categorized as an objective type.

What is the difference between analog and digital modulation Does it depends on baseband signal?

The basic difference is that in analog modulation the modulating signal is analog signal and in digital modulation it is in digital form.

What is Modulation index in amplitude modulation?

Themodulation index of a modulation scheme describes by how much the modulated variable of the carrier signal varies around its unmodulated level

Can modulation index be negative?

ya, it can be negative because as m=Vm/Vc , the value of Vm if taken in negative then modulation index can be naegative

What transmmited power when modulation index 0 to 1?

It can be anything at all, from yoctowatts to terawatts. You must state the power output at some modulation index before I can calculate it for some other modulation index. By the way . . . the answer also depends on the method of modulation, which you have not mentioned. For example, with pure FM, the transmitted power doesn't change, regardless of the mod-index.

Difference between digital transmission and digital modulation?

The Difference of two is only first digital has a transmission and second digital has modulation.....thats all....i think that's too clear ha...

Define modulation and modulation index?

a measure of the degree of frequency modulation expressed numerically for a pure tone modulation as the ratio of the frequency deviation to the frequency of the modulating signal.

What has the author Gordon Drury written?

Gordon Drury has written: 'Coding and modulation for digital television' -- subject(s): Digital modulation, Multiplexing, Digital television, Coding theory

What is Modulation index formula in Frequency modulation?

mf=(K*Am)/fm where K: is a proprtionality coefficient Am: is amplitude of the message fm=frequency of modulation

What is analog digital hybrid modulation?

—Analog digital hybrid modulation seeks the ways to eliminate the incoherent quantization noise component in digital communication, instead of conveniently making it minimal.

Difference between analog modulation and digital modulation?

Analog is when audio or video is taken and translated into electronic pulses. Digital modulation is when audio or video is broken into binary codes and then transferred to the viewing device.

What is the applications of phase modulation?

It is widely used, in various systems of modulation, to encode digital signals.

What has the author Kamilo Feher written?

Kamilo Feher has written: 'Digital modulation techniques in an interference environment' -- subject(s): Digital modulation, Digital techniques, Radio noise, Signal processing

What do you mean 50 percent modulation index?

A(m)/A(c)=0.5 is known as 50% modulation index. where, A(m)=amplitude of message signal A(c)=amplitude of carrier signal

What is modulation index for frequency modulation?

It varies depending on how strong you want the signal to come through on the receiving end.

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