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If your husband has left his ex wife behind and gone on with his life with you then you shouldn't be quizzing him at all. That was then and this is now. You sound insecure and possibly don't believe you are as good as his wife. If she was so good he wouldn't have become an ex husband. In ways you are being mentally abusive to your husband because you continue to bring up his wife. That is something he probably wants to forget about. Yes, at one time he loved her, but he's been married to you and that should be good enough! Stop bringing his ex up if you want to have a healthy marriage. I was married before, but my new husband had never been married before and he never once brought up my ex. There was no need too as I left my ex behind years before and all attention was put on my husband. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How is quizzing your husband about his ex-wife considered abuse?
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