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How is the US government accredited to international organizations?

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Because the United States is a huge contributor.

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Explain how the US government is accredited to international organizations?

The US government is accredited to international organizations by appointing representatives - for example, John Bolton is the current US Ambassador to the United Nations.

What are some of the international organizations that the US is accredited to?

Some of then are the WTO(World Trade Organization),APEC(Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation.

How is a government represented abroad and how the US government is accredited to international organizations?

The Every National government represent himself through to their Logical and Rational Policies in every field or sector or Area(Like as-Peace,Justice,Development,Education etc.) by their representatives(Like as-Ambassador,High Commissioner or Delegates) on particular Abroad Places.

What are two international organizations where US plays a major role?

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

Is Kingsbridge University a diploma mill?

Yes It has no address (suspicious), but it does have an American phone number; however, it is not accredited by the US government. It is accredited by the Global Accreditation Council of Online Institutions which also happens to be listed on Wikipedia's list of unrecognized higher education accreditation organizations So the degree is worthless

What are some anti bullying organizations in the US?

Some antibullying organizations in the US are: Bully Police USA, Great Schools, International Bullying Prevention Association and Stomp Out Bullying.

Is university of Berkley a legitimate school?

No, they are not. They are not accredited by any body recognized by the US Government.

Is Glendale University online legitimate?

No, they are not accredited by any organization recognized by the US Government.

Which regionally acredited universities in the US offer a masters in international relations?

Harvard University is one of the regionally accredited university in the US that offer the master degree program in International relations.

What decision regarding whether the us maintain membership in international organizations such as the united nation?


Which of the presidential cabinets represents the US in the United Nations and at international organizations and conferences?

Department of State

What financial aid can international students receive from the US government?

I don't think there is a financial aid from US government for international student in US. I was an international student and I already sought many ways to obtain scholarship and grants. The money that comes from US government is impossible to be obtained if you are an international student. Of course with some exceptional universities such as Harvard or MIT (I heard some of international students got financial aid from US government, but I am not sure too). Just seek a scholarship from private institutions.

How does the relationship between the US government and the policing organizations affect police practices?

The relationship between the United States government and policing organizations affect police practices by responding to police needs. Policing organizations lobby the Congress every day.

Does the US belong to any international organizations?

Of course, U.S. belongs to United Nations Organisation, and to N.A.T.O., for example.

Is US international christian academy accredited in Miami Florida?

Yes. I alctually attended this school and I'm currently attending college.

The US government is an organization?

The US government can be considered an organization, as it is made up of many parts operating for a certain purpose. However, much of the US government is further subdivided into other organizations such as Congress, Judicial Branch, and the Executive Branch.

Is University of Santo Tomas in Philippines a US accredited university?

What do you exactly mean by "a US accredited university?" Is it accredited or recognized? Accredited by the US government or any of its agencies, or by US institutions of higher learning? Accredited to do what? As a Philippine university,UST is subject to Philippine laws.Its authority to bestow degrees therefore comes mainly from the Philippine government itself, notwithstanding its Dominican origin and Pontifical status which give it a special character. UST is recognized by similar institutions in the US or anywhere in the world as a legitimate university granting degrees because of this authority from the Philippine government. Accordingly, UST students, alumni, and faculty, subject to admission policies, are able to and are free to pursue undergraduate and graduate studies in any university in the US or anywhere else. If you want to know the official credentials of UST, visit the link below:

Are Catholic churches taxed by the US government?

No. Catholic Churches, just like many other in the United States, are classified as non-profit organizations. The US Government or any state government can not tax their property or income.

Is Goldey beacom college accredited in the US?


What organizations help US students with school loan debt consolidation?

The main organizations that help US students with school loan debt consolidation are the Debt non-profit organization and the Student Aid section of the government.

Can you tell me Wagu university is good or no?

please check if it is accredited. Unless it is accredited don't apply. If any university is accredited it has to be under Higher Education Ministry of respective country. In the US there are regional accreditors and they certify the programs. You can go to the CHEA or Department of Education website of US government to know more. Regards, Praveen

List of ABET accredited schools in the US?

accredited engineering schools

Can the US government sue a foreign national not physiclly present in the US?

Yes, there is the international law, which the US government can use to sue a foreign national who is not physically present in the United States.

Is Lorenz High School Online accredited?

Lorenz is an accredited online school offering "Prior Learning" based degree programs. It is accredited and not necessarily accredited or recognized by CHEA. Also I would like to mention here that US Department of Education does not provide any accreditation services. CHEA itself is a non-government organization. Both of these organizations do, however, approve the accreditation agencies that schools use to verify they are performing according to approved standards. Otherwise anyone could set up an "accreditation agency" which is worthless and not to be trusted. ---------------------- Lorenz High School is indeed accredited, but by 2 impressive looking named agencies, the International Accreditation Association for Online Education (IAAFOE) and the Accreditation Council for Distance Education (ACTDE). However, these agencies are considered fake and/or unrecognized by the Council on Higher Education (CHEA) and the US Department of Education (USDE). See the Related Link below for more information on these accreditation agencies.

Where can you find information on international trade in the US?

International trade in the United States has any number of good sources. The first two that come to mind are the US Department of Commerce and the CIA World Book. Each of these organizations can be reached on line.