How is vinegar made?

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Vinegar preparation by fermentation methodVinegar is a solution of acetic acid that is acetic acid is the major constituent of vinegar it can be made from any starch or sugar containing sources. i am hereby giving some tips to prepare vinegar. vinegar is preparation includes two types of fermentation ie yeast fermentation and acetic acid fermentation. First the sugar containing for example rice washed waste to take as a substrate for vinegar preparation and then the liquid is fortified with sugar up to 10% and pasteurized ( 63 c for 30 min) and inoculation with yeast ( 10 g for 1 liter water)and keep this set up to 4-7 days in closed container(anoxic condition) this will be yields alcohol this should be diluted with sterile water and then inoculate mother vinegar ( acetobacter or glconobacter) in liquid form . this should be maintain in oxegenic condition for 20 days to get vinegar.after that filter the vinegar and pasteurize again and store in bottle.


Vinegar is the third form in the life of a sugar molecule. It starts out as sugar and when it ferments it becomes alcohol. When alcohol ferments, it becomes vinegar.

Ordinary vinegar is made from apple cider.

it tastes nice on chips
A liquid is fermented until the sugars transform into alcohol. Then, bacteria are introduced that turn the alcohol into acid.

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Q: How is vinegar made?
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