How is vinegar made?

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Vinegar preparation by fermentation methodVinegar is a solution of acetic acid that is acetic acid is the major constituent of vinegar it can be made from any starch or sugar containing sources. i am hereby giving some tips to prepare vinegar. vinegar is preparation includes two types of fermentation ie yeast fermentation and acetic acid fermentation. First the sugar containing for example rice washed waste to take as a substrate for vinegar preparation and then the liquid is fortified with sugar up to 10% and pasteurized ( 63 c for 30 min) and inoculation with yeast ( 10 g for 1 liter water)and keep this set up to 4-7 days in closed container(anoxic condition) this will be yields alcohol this should be diluted with sterile water and then inoculate mother vinegar ( acetobacter or glconobacter) in liquid form . this should be maintain in oxegenic condition for 20 days to get vinegar.after that filter the vinegar and pasteurize again and store in bottle.


Vinegar is the third form in the life of a sugar molecule. It starts out as sugar and when it ferments it becomes alcohol. When alcohol ferments, it becomes vinegar.

Ordinary vinegar is made from apple cider.

it tastes nice on chips
A liquid is fermented until the sugars transform into alcohol. Then, bacteria are introduced that turn the alcohol into acid.

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Q: How is vinegar made?
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What is the difference between rice vinegar and white wine vinegar?

Rice vinegar is made from rice. White wine vinegar is made from grapes.

Is vinegar made with pork?

No - vinegar is generally made from grapes or apples

What grains are in white vinegar?

"Vinegar isn't made from grain. It's made from fruit like wine is. So there are no grains in vinegar." the above is not true... the labels for your common vinegar will state that white distilled vinegar is made from grains

What is Spirit Vinegar?

spirit vinegar is made from alcohol

What is vinegar made up of?

vinegar is made up of H2O and acetic acid 5%.

How is wine vinegar made?

wine Vinegar is made by a chemical change called fermentation.

What are does vinegar contain?

Vinegar is made up of acetic acid.

What is red wine vinegar?

It is vinegar made from red wine.

Does red wine vinegar have wine in it?

Red wine vinegar is red wine which has oxidized to turn into vinegar. Unless your vinegar is what is called "non-brewed condiment," ALL vinegar is oxidized alcoholic liquor. Wine vinegars are made from wines, cider vinegar is made from fermented apple juice, malt vinegar is made from a simple beer, etc.

Does red wine vinegar got wine in it?

No. It is made from wine but the alcohol is gone by the time vinegar is made.

What are the ingredients found in vinegar?

This will depend on the type of vinegar. White vinegar is a distilled alcohol, but vinegar can be made out of many different things. The brown vinegar that the British put on chips (fries) is Malt vinegar. Wine vinegar is a common salad dressing, balsamic vinegar is made of grapes. The word vinegar has it's origins in the French, Vin aigre, which means old wine.

Is Balsamic Vinegar the same as Wine vinegar?

No. Though they are both types of vinegar, they are not the same. Wine vinegar is made from red or white wine, while balsamic vinegar is made from the concentrated juice of Trebbiano grapes. Wine is made from fermented grapes, therefore the two vinegars are considerably more similar to each other than other kinds of vinegar.

What is white wine vinegar?

Vinegar made from white wine. The wine is allowed to age until it turns to vinegar.

Is vinegar an enzyme?

No, vinegar is not an enzyme. Enzymes are almost always proteins. Vinegar is an acid that is made from the fermentation of ethanol.

Is cider vinegar and apple cider vinegar the same?

Yes, apple cider vinegar and cider vinegar are the same thing and is made from fermented apples.

What ingredients are found in vinegar?

common malt vinegar is made of ethanoic acid == ==

What vinegar is made out of?

Vinegar is about 5% acetic acid solution (food grade)

Is vinegar made up of oil?

No, vinegar is an aqueous acetic acid solution.

What is brown vinegar?

If it's a British recipe, brown vinegar refers to malt vinegar. In Middle Eastern recipes, brown vinegar is a sweeter less acidic vinegar made from dates.

When was vinegar made?

it was made in america around 1602

What is undistilled vinegar?

Undistilled vinegar is made by a brewing process instead of a distillation process. It is a stronger acetic acid vinegar.

Does vinegar contain yeast?

Vinegar does not contain yeast. Vinegar is made in a yeast culture and is to be avoided when on an anti candida diet.

What do you subsitute wine vinegar with?

Vinegar is made from Wine so perhaps using a white or red wine in place of vinegar?

Is white wine vinegar the same as white vinegar?

No they are not the same thing. White wine vinegar is made from white wine just like red wine vinegar is made from red wine. My grandpa used to make vinegar for salad from red wine. White vinegar is just white vinegar the one found in the grocery store. I am sure you can find the white wine vinegar too. :-)

Is grape vinegar the same as balsamic vinegar?

What??? balsamic has oil and junk??? no!! balsamic vinegar is made from Trebbiano grapes only. Grape vinegar can be made from an assortment of grapes. The aging process is the same no, you idiot... grape vinegar has grape.... and balsamic has oil and other junk i dont care about