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How long after an unlawful detainer do you have to move?

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5 Calendar Days from the day it was Served.

2008-02-25 22:01:50
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Q: How long after an unlawful detainer do you have to move?
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What happens to the unlawful detainer summons if you already vacated the house long before the unlawful detainer was filed in court?

My guess is that it would be mute. Nothing.

Is a mobile home an unlawful detainer?

As I understand it, the term 'unlawful detainer' can only apply to a person, not a home.

How long in Mn does a unlawful detainer stay on your record?

7 Years unless you and your landlord has come to an agreement to exponge the unlawful detainer either before the judge or in written document.

What happens after you answer a unlawful detainer?

Elaborate. Unlawful detainers are illegal and cannot be enforced.

Removing an unlawful detainer from your record?

You can remove an unlawful detainer by filling out a form and having it expunged. You may have to go before a judge to remove it from your record.

How long does an unlawful detainer stay on your record in California?

An Unlawful Detainer lasts on your credit report for 7 years in CA. CA Civil Code Section 1785.13(a)(7). is a good site if you need reference to the code.

Can your landlord have contact with you if he filed a unlawful detainer?


Can a unlawful detainer be refiled?

You have only 5 days from when you get your notice. After that no.

Is an unlawful detainer the same as an eviction?

No. Not technically. An unlawful detainer is the name of the pleading filed in order to eventually obtain an eviction, which is where the law comes and puts you out of your landlords property. In law words have very specific, individual meanings. Sometimes lay people use these legal words interchangeably, thereby unwittingly making "unlawful detainer" have the same general meaning as "eviction." In other words unlawful detainer is a piece of paper, and eviction is the physical act of the authorities putting you out and your landlord back in. Thanks.

Will an unlawful detainer judgment affect your credit score?

Yes. Unless it can be proved to be erroneous or misleading in content.

How do you rent an apartment with an unlawful detainer on your record in minnesota?

you have to look around do a lot of cold calling there may be someone who is willing to work with you and your situation remember when you are calling you should be upfront about the unlawful detainer because an unlawful detainer does not bar you from renting it just makes it harder it is ultimately up to the landlord to rent to you or not on that note heres an idea that worked for someone i know ask around you never know who knows what ;) seek out apartment complexes where the landlord owns and lives on the property

What is ud case?

Landlords and tenants can have disagreements. If they can't work it out, they may end up in court. These cases are called "unlawful detainer" cases. Unlawful detainer cases are complicated. A lawyer should be retained in these cases to make sure all your rights are protected and that everyone does what they're supposed to do.

How do you find out if you have an unlawful detainer on your record?

Assuming you are asking about a criminal record, you would pull your criminal record from the appropriate state agency.

What if I don't answer the summons for unlawful detainer and I dont move in 5 days?

A default judgment will be entered against you, and will be reported to the credit bureaus automatically. If you still refuse to move, the court will direct the county sheriff to physically remove you and all of your property out of the apartment/house you are renting.

In Memphis Tn how long once an unlawful detainer is served before you have to move with the court date is one week away?

You do not have to move until after the court date. The process may take up to 30 days if the case goes to trial. At the court, you should request a bill of particulars. This will buy you extra time, and give you the details of what you are being evicted for.

What happens if you don't respond to an unlawful detainer lawsuit served to you?

Your landlord will win the lawsuit by default. Then a writ of restitution will be entered, and you will be forcibly removed from your apartment.

What happens after i received a 3 day notice to vacate?

Once the tenant receives the notice, they have three days to vacate or the proceedings for the unlawful detainer begin.

How long do you have to move your belongings out after being evicted in Illinois?

there are 2 stages to eviction; the judge grants an UNLAWFUL DETAINER first. If the tenant does not leave, the judge then, on application, will grant, 10 days later, a WRIT OF RESTITUTION. The sheriff will act on that in 1-5 days. [so, in 18 days max, the tenant will be removed physically]

I have received an unlawful detainer notice for failure to pay rent Can I rectify this by paying them what I owe in rent plus legal fees?

Speak to a lawyer that deals with such legislation where you are.

What is unlawful detainer?

an unlawful detainer action is part of the process of removing a tenant for non-payment of rent, failing to meet the terms of the lease, or refusing to leave the property. it is the third step of the eviction process: 1. notice to pay or quit served 2. tenant has three days to respond 3. unlawful detainer is filed in municipal court 4. tenant has five days to respond after being served 5. writ of possession granted 6. sheriff sends eviction notice and physically removes tenant if no response within five days (California Real Estate Principles, 10 E., Sherry Schindler Price)

What is considered improper service of a landlord's unlawful detainer lawsuit papers in California?

Perhaps the question would be improved and easier to answer if the person asking told us what they think is IMPROPER about the service they are speaking of?

How long do the jail have to transport inmate on an interstate detainer?

About 30 days from the end of sentence.

What does Delayed access to Unlawful detainer mean?

UD means the judge agrees that the tenant owes rent. And if a judgment is granted, the tenant has to prepare to leave. I wonder if you mean Delayed Access to WRIT of RESTITUTION.

How do you remove a detainer on an incarcerated person?

Bryant Barksdale has a detainer on him and wants to know wat he can do to have it removed.

What is the legal definition of unlawful detention?

Unlawful detention means, literally, holding someTHING or someONE in custody unlawfully.Under criminal law it means keeping or confining a person in custody without any lawful reason.In civil law it is keeping in custody real property to which one is not, and never has been, entitled.This is not to be confused with UNLAWFUL DETAINER, which is somewhat similar but refers to the keeping in ones's custody real property to which the the individual FORMERLY had a right to occupy.