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An adult needs approximately 30 minutes of exercise daily to remain healthy. You can do a variety of exercises to remain healthy, not just running (but spending that time running isn't a bad thing).

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You are insulin resistant you do not however have diabetes If you lose the weight will your insulin resistance go too along with it your chance of developing diabetes

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Ok so first of all you should run for about 7 minutes before you start sweating and loosing weight.

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i think 5 miles aday i think 5 miles aday

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Q: How long are you supposed to run to lose weight?
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Is it better to sprint or run long distance to lose weight?

run long distance

Does running help you to lose weight from your butt?

Yes it does run as long as you can........

How long will it take to lose weight if you run?

It all depends on your weight, how often you run, how far you run, and what you eat. Well, firstly, you must burn around 3,000 calories to lose a pound. It depends on how many pounds you want to lose. Ex. 2 pounds lost = around 6,000 calories burned.

Do you lose more weight the faster you run?


How long do you have to run if you want to lose 1 kg?

Weight loss is a finicky thing. No two people will lose weight at the same rate. That being said it takes approximately ninety minutes of running to lose 1 kg.

How are you able to run faster?

lose weight and run more often

How do you lose weight on your feet?

run... motion is key

What are exercises that can be done to help someone lose weight?

One main exercise that can help people lose weight is to run on a treadmill. Running for a long period of time can really help you get to the shape you would want to be at.

Can you lose weight on your thighs by running?

Yes, but if you run you will loose weight everywhere.

Where can I find out more about new weight loss surgery?

Health and Diet and weight loss surgery is not exactly synonymous. Weight loss surgery will help in the short term and keep you from eating too much, but in the long run, going to a dietitian and finding a natural way to lose weight will be better for you in the long run.

If you run 2km per day will you loss weight?

if run 2km per day how much weight do you lose in a day?

Is counting calories a good way to lose weight?

Watching calories can help you lose weight, but counting calories does not. Often foods that are healthier for you and your metabolism are more calorically dense, but they help you lose weight in the long run. You need a minimum amount of calories on a daily basis, at least, to not be under starvation.