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How long before a foreign bride can divorce her husband and retain citizenship?


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If you are already a citizen, your citizenship will be retained even if you get a divorce. If you are asking, "How long before a foreign bride can divorce her husband and obtain citizenship?", then the answer is not certain. It depends if you are currently a permanent resident or not. You can check more details at www.ezvisa.us


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You get a divorce and leave the house, before it is to late !

Answer Can you please ask your question again as this quesiton makes no sense. I think that means how do u know if ur husband is gonna get a divorce, before u marry him u cant tell :]

The process for the individual trying to gain citizenship will stop.

Yes you will haveto declare that youare staying with your man, te moment you say husband then you can be arrested for getting married twice , before getting a legal divorce. By law you are married to your first husband.

Usually a house is part of the divorce since it was bought while there was a marriage. This means that both of you have an interest in the house. You will have to settle with your husband what will happen with the house.

I would consult with the Embassy in the country you are now residiing if living in a foreign country. In the US, you would still be considered married until a Divorce Decree is documented in the court systems.

If your husband is married to two wives, he is guilty of the crime of bigamy. You should tell him to get a divorce from his first wife immediately, otherwise you will have to complain to the police.

A foreign person that is admitted to citizenship is called 'naturalized. ' Before that they are know as '(home country) nationals' and they hold a what is called a green-card.

Do you mean 'divorce'?--legal end of the marriage?

If you live in the US and your husband married you before his divorce was final, then your marriage is not legal. Go talk to an attorney and see what steps you can attempt to take to get it straightened out.

according to my sister who is filing for a divorce your husband can sue for abandonment or use it against you later in court unless you have at least discussed this with ur attorney and he leads you in right direction

Angelina Jolie had a divorce before she married Brad pitt her former husband

every situation is different, but make sure you ABSOLUTELY mean it before you do.

Generally, the first step toward proving your foreign divorce should be to acquire a divorce decree from the country in which the divorce took place. Most states will acknowledge a foreign divorce decree, offering "full faith and credit." However, one of the parties must prove domicile in the foreign divorce country, showing they have taken up residence there. Some states will not recognize a divorce if this is not proven. Once you have the divorce decree from the foreign country where you got the divorce, have it authenticated so you can legitimately use it in the United States. The fee is $8.00 per document and can be done through the U.S. Department of State Authentication Office. Finally, you will need to have the document certifiably translated into English, if necessary, before you send it in.

Yes. She had to, or she could have been jailed for bigamy.

Of course i does! Hes having an affair before filing for divorce, meaning hes still with you! ( unless of course you kicked him out of the house... but if hes sleeping on the couch it does not...)

Because your husband did not divorce his first wife then you are not legally married. There is a Statute of Limitations in difference States and if you have been married for several years then most likely the marriage would be void. However, you need to sit down with your husband and tell him he because he did not get a legal divorce he needs to look into it and if he is does not then you are not staying with him the way things are.

Before the divorce? Not sure that you can if both names are on the deed/lease. Unless you can get a restraining order of some type. If your name is the only one on the deed or lease you would have to serve him an eviction notice.

Jail will only delay the issue a few days. If he went to prison the courts will make sure that he is able to attend his divorce.

Yes. That's why you have to use her maiden name to find her on myinmatelocater.com. Before, you didn't have trouble finding her.

18 years they were legally married but they had split up a few years before they got a divorce

Try marrying someone from Iceland and then apply for a citizenship. CitizenshipAs a general rule foreign nationals must have been domiciled in Iceland for seven years before they can apply for citizenship. Nationals of the Nordic countries, however, may apply after 5 years of domicile. A foreign national who marries an Icelandic national may apply for citizenship after having been resident in Iceland for three years after the marriage. A foreign national, who is cohabiting with an Icelandic citizen, both being unmarried, may apply for Icelandic citizenship if the cohabitation has lasted for more than five years. Application forms for Icelandic citizenship are available from the Ministry of Justice.

Yes, Muslim woman can divorce her husband subject to specific conditions.Although Divorce is allowed in Islam but it is considered as the worst allowed right to Muslim.This right should not be used, neither by husband nor wife, unless there is no other way for the sacred marriage relation to continue. Even before taking this divorce decision from any side, husband or wife, both are commanded by Islamic law to revise themselves and to consult their close friends and relatives and to seek their advice and help to reconcile between both partners whenever possible.

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