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You can retire at any age and at any point in your career. Being "retired" simply means that you are permanently out of the workforce and have no intention of obtaining another job. To retire with the "retirement benefits" of a position, that depends on the individual position, the company you work for, the retirement benefits they offer, and other factors that are position-specific and can generally be answered by a person in Human Resources.

For Example... Typically in Wisconsin a police officer can retire with full pension/benefits after 20 years of full time law enforcement. Some departments will give you a longevity bonus if you stay longer though so it is best to check with an agency for this. Technically an officer can start his/her job at age 18 and retire by age 38 then. They typically wouldn't do this, but it would be possible.

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Q: How long do you have to work in criminal law before you can retire?
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