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How long do you keep the male away from the females babies?


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Um... At least a month and a half. If the male is showing signs of aggression toward the babies you should keep the male in a separate cage.

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it doesn't matter really... just as long as you only have i male in the cage and he's already there when they're born. Females actually help look after the babies.

i think its about 3 months. or 21 days. just keep him away from the mother and the babies so he wont impregnate her.

Before the babies are born, the male spider mates with the female. Afterwards, usually since females are bigger than males, females then eat them. Some clever male spiders give the female a present, such as food, to keep her occupied long enough for them to escape and live.

You can keep a baby turtle as long as you like but you need to keep it in water and away from animals like cats, playful dogs, and big turtles. Some turtles like to eat their babies. Yea....... :D

they keep their babies for 2 years until they are grown up enough to hunt and fend for themselves

Until the babies are grown enough to leave the mother and separated into other cages. If you reintroduce the father he may get jealous of the attention the mother is giving to the babies and hurt the babies or kill them because he isn't getting the attention. Also, if you reintroduce the father when the babies are grown, the father might mate with the mother AND the females of the litter and then OOPS... more babies!

As long as they keep having babies.

you need to keep the father away from the babies at all times, as long as he is bigger than them, he will kill them.

Until the mum(mom) is pregnate then they stay away until the babies are full grown

Yes as long as they chase mice they will chase & keep rats away

Hummingbird babies are about an inch long at birth and cannot regulate their own body temperature. They stay in the nest for about three weeks.

I recomend keeping the males away from the females when the female becomes pregnant and has the babies, as the male will most likely harm or kill the babies, most likely out of jelousy or accident, they do not have the motherly instinct. So it is best to sepperate them. I recomend keeping the males away from the females when the female becomes pregnant and has the babies, as the male will most likely harm or kill the babies, most likely out of jelousy or accident, they do not have the motherly instinct. So it is best to sepperate them. THE MALE AND FEMALE RABBIT SHOULD ONLY BE TOGETHER LONG ENOUGH TO BREED! Every rabbit should have it's own cage -or space- so to speak.

Yes, as long as you keep it below 500mg.

You must separate the male babies from their mother at 3 weeks of age otherwise they will breed with their sisters and mother. This will lead to inbreeding, which can cause deformed babies to be born, also it can easily kill the young females will the stress of the birth. It is a good idea to keep the male brothers together as they will form a bond, which is hard to have between males without them fighting. You can take the females off their mother at about 4 - 5 weeks or keep them together.IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED THAT YOU BREED YOUR GUINEA PIGS AS YOU COULD LOSE BOTH MOTHER AND BABIES.

Years, as long as you keep it airtight, dry and away from strong odors.

If the babies are still fluffy and cheeping it's better not to take the babies away from the mother or otherwise, The mother will be stressed and looking for them all day long, Which wouldn't be fair on her. You can give the chickens away when you identified them if they're a rooster or hen.

Female butterflies lay their eggs then fly away. The mother does not stay with the babies once they are hatched.

there is no way to keep it away from you You can always spray a bug repellent on you (as long as it is safe to do so, as some repellents are).

As for dad, don't let him near his kids! Once the mamma rat has babies you have to get the dad rat out! In fact after breeding the rats you should put dad in a different cage as mom. The babies should be taken away from mom at 6-10 weeks. For male babies six weeks is important or they will breed with their mom. You need to take the male babies into a whole cage all to themselves. No dad, no mom, no sisters! Dad will fight and they'll breed with mom and siblings. so take males away at five to six weeks. You can keep the females with their mom their whole life unless you plan on breeding mom after these grow up.

as long as you keep it happy it will stay. that includes other females(at least) if you have one boy, you should have about 4 girls. if you have one girl, you should have a few other females and it would be a good idea to have a drake too

As long as they stay babies is how long they stay babies.

to keep the flies away from its eyes.

Humans have breasts so females can feed their offspring. Males have breast tissue too because they need to help pass on the genes to females. Long before infant formula was invented, human females as well as females of all mammal species were given the means by nature to feed their babies.

An infinite amount of people as long as we keep making babies.

Yes, as long as the babies are not yet weaned they need their mother. Once the babies are weaned, they should be removed from the mother's cage to avoid unwanted breeding.

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