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Once you have a driver's license (not a learning permit), you can have enyone in the car you want. If you're talking about a learner's permit, you must abide by the restrictions of the permit until you obtain a regular license.

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Q: How long do you need to have had a drivers license before you can have other people in the car?
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Can you have a Commercial drivers license in one state and a regular drivers license in another state?

No. Federal states that if you have a CDL in one state, you cannot have any other drivers license in any other state.

Can you still get a passport if your drivers license is suspended?

Yes, you don't need your drivers license for that. A birth certificate and some other papers will do.

How do you obtain a license in another state?

If you are referring to a drivers license/permit - - you may not legally possess a drivers license/permit from other than your state of legal residence.

How much is it to reinstate your drivers license in Montgomery Alabama?

Reinstating a suspended license, in Montgomery, Alabama, will cost $125. In addition to any other fees. The $125 must be paid before the license is reinstated.

What state can you get a drivers license that is not tied into other states?


Can you drive with ny jr license in other states?

No you have to be over 18 with a full drivers license

Does a drivers education course benefit from other classes?

It is nice to have a drivers education course because it is important to have one in order to receive your drivers license. Classes in your area can help you get your permit and license!

Does Facebook ever ask for drivers license or other government ID?


Hold on a drivers license?

A person can get a hold put on their drivers license for many reasons. This includes getting a DUI, reckless driving and many other offenses.

If your drivers license was suspended in Wisconsin can you get a license in California?

No. All state DMV's share their information and honor each others drivers records and court decisions. Furthermore, it is unlawful to have a drivers license from a state other than that of your legal residence.

Which states can you get your drivers license if your drivers license is suspended in LA?

Suspensions are reported to the national center so you cannot obtain a license in any other state until you are first reinstate in Louisiana

Could you inform me about drivers license number lookup?

If you need to inquire about a drivers license the best place is to go to the nearest motor vehicle office with a valid id proving that you are the owner of that drivers license, other than that contact the police department.

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