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As long as you don't ' ride the clutch' it is not uncommon to go 100,000 + miles. Trucks will be less if they are worked hard.

If you know what you're doing they last a long, long time. My friend has a truck with about 110k on it and it still has the original clutch.

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Q: How long does a clutch generally last?
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How long does a clutch last on Mazda Protege?

I had to change the clutch at 120,000 kilometers.

If you ride the clutch how long will the clutch last?

It depends on the quality of clutch in the vehicle you have. my sister used to ride her clutch a lot, as did a few other people i knew. If you are lucky, your clutch may last a year or two... its best not to ride the clutch too much if you can help it.

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How long should a clutch last on a 2005 Kia Spectra and how do you know if its going bad?

Properly operated the clutch should last at least three or five years of normal driving without servicing being necessary. If a driver often "rides" the clutch, that is keeps his foot on it, then the main clutch bearing will deteriorate faster. When it becomes difficult to engage the clutch and change gears, for example it does not disengage until you step on it all the way to the floor, then the clutch should be inspected and the parts replaced as necessary.

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If you replaced the spring that connects the clutch cable and the fork on a 1989 Mustang LX and now the clutch needs to be adjusted how can you do this?

If your clutch is connected by a cable it has to have a cable adjuster on or near the end (On my older mustang it was under the hood near the firewall). These are generally adjusted by loosening the lock nut(if equipped) then turning the adjusting nut one way or the other to achieve the proper freeplay. Generally, you want to end up with 1" of freeplay at the pedal; this allows for full clutch engagement at the top of the clutch pedal travel. Hydraulic clutches are generally non adjustable as long as the fluid is full and the slave & master cylinder are leak free.

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