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That's something the state law where the property is located determines. Another factor would be the amount of taxes owed compared to the value of the property. For example, most judges would not let the state seize and sell a home that was worth if there is a gross disparity between taxes owed and what the assessed value of the property.

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Q: How long does it take if the taxes on your house have not been paid for the state to take it if it has not been paid in four years and you still are not making payments?
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Is it illegal to take a car out of state when you are still making payments on it?

Not as long as you continue to make payments on it.

Is it illegal to sell a car when your still making payments on finance?

No its perfectly legal and if you are still making payments on it, that increases values.

If your house was not reaffirmed before your ch 7 was dismissed does your mortgage company have the right not to show on your credit reprt that you have a house and are making payments?

Yes. Failure to reaffirm means that you cannot be sued to recover a deficiency. You can still make the payments.

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Can you be allowed to keep your home if you are disabled and can no longer pay if your file bankrupt?

Since you mention making payments, i will assume you do not own your home outright. If you cannot afford the mortgage payments, the lender will foreclose. Regardless if you are disabled or not. However, you would still able to receive any money (up to your state exemptiom amount) from the sale of your house after the lender is paid off. If you have no equity, then you will surely lose the house if you make no payments.

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If you possess the title, then you own it. If you've been making the payments, you should know whether or not you've defaulted on them. If you haven't finished making the payments, the financier owns that vehicle.

What are the steps in a foeclosure in California before you get the boot out of your home?

The bank has to successfully file to foreclose your home. You still have a period to redeem your house by making payments before the sale.

If you make payments every month can you still lose your house?

No, because you are meeting the requirement's of the loan. It is when you stop paying the loan payments that you loose your house. Then, they have a reason to get their money back.

If the borrower cannot make the payments but the cosigner does can the mortgage company still take the house?

Not if the cosigner has been making the payments on time. But often the cosigner doesn't know the loan is in default until it is past due 30 days or more, so if you have received two or three (depends on state laws) Right To Cure Default letters, the bank can foreclose.

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Depends on what you mean by

Can the mortgage company at any time take your home away if you are still making payments after bankruptcy?

Ususually in BK a house is either voluntarily surrendered, because it is not possible for the borrower(s) to keep up payments.. Or the buyer reaffirms the loan with the lender and works out a plan to repay missed payments. If your mortgage payments are current, I see no reason why the lender would seek foreclosure.

If a car is repossessed and you agree to make some kind of payments ever month will they still list it on your credit as a repo?

Yes but it will also list that you are making payments!

Do adoption assistance payments still come in a government shutdown?

It depends on where your subsidy is coming from. Most adoption assistance payments are issued through the county or state the child was adopted from; as long as the government of your county or state is still running, your check should still arrive on time.

If your husband buys a house without you signing the papers will your credit still be affected in the event of late payments?

do you live in a community property state? if so anything a spouse does will affect the other.

Can I purchase another house if my house was discharge in chapter 7 but is not in foreclosure I'm still making my payments and living on it?

If your chapter 7 has been closed, yes - if you can find a lender for another mortgage. Your credit scores will have lowered because of the filing and discharge.

How do you know if you car is going to be repossesed?

The best indicator is that you still owe on the car, and you have stopped making payments.

Can you sublease a car that you are making payments on?

You can do what you want in that regards. You will still be liable for the payments and the bill will still come in your name. Check with a third party loan company. They may have high interest risk policys they can offer.

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You can pay it off and sell it, or you can get it fixed, or you can just let it sit there and keep making payments on a car you can't use.

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Technically you breached the contract with the lender if you did not make payments in 6 months. They actually have the right to NOT accept further payments from you. So yes, it can still be repossessed.

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The executor must make the payments from any assets of the deceased Estate until the Estate is settled.

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depends on contract, if your up to date on payments they usually wont. if you pay in full at time of purchase it wont be a problem