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== == First, you need a bachelor's degree in Archaeology or anthropology from any accredited college or university, which should include a thesis on a topic of your choice. An undergraduate degree would take somewhere between 3 and 4 years to complete in most cases, and it is possible to become a working archaeologist after this time.

Many people choose to take their study further and do a graduate degree. For this you would need to be accepted to and attend a graduate school to further specify your area of interest into archaeology. At some point during your graduate school career (which can range from 2 to 10 years or more, depending on your level of commitment) you need to complete another huge thesis with field work. You need to develop your own theories and further research them until you are sufficiently trained to apply for grants to continue your research. After this you would be able to spend time either in acedemia teaching others to become archaeologists or anthropologists (archaeology is seen as a subdicipline of anthropology in the states), or you continue applying for and conducting research grants until the end of your career. I would highly recommend that, if you are truly interested in the field of archaeology, you should research and apply for an internship during your undergraduate career. Actually getting out in the field and doing the dirty grunt work that is, essentially, what archaeology is will help you make the decision of this field is the right one for you. Answer In Britain, Australia and New Zealand (it might be similar outside the US) the usual path would be a 3 year Bachelor's Degree (or 4 years for Honours) with some field work/employment afterwards, followed by a Master's Degree which would take 2-4 years depending on workload (i.e. part time degree if employed) and whether an Honours degree is held. A PhD, at least in Australia, usually requires a Master's in the discipline for which a doctorate is sought, and several extra years of study. It is quite possible to gain employment in the field of archaeology with a Bachelor's Degree only. Masters and PhDs are often vehicles for a chosen area of study within the field, and to gain employment in academia.

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Q: How long does it take to become an archaeologist?
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