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How long does it take to get a Writ of Repleven?


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2015-07-15 19:39:22
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That depends on the courts caseload and the determination of the lender.


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The writ of replevin is a court order to return property that doesn't belong to you, and where the rightful owner does not have the right to repossess them.

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The length of time will depend on whether or not the opposing party opposes the writ. If not, you might be able to get the order at the first hearing. If not, it could take months or years.

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In many jurisdictions, about as long as it takes the repossession driver to get to the nearest courthouse and fill out the paperwork.

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The amount of time it takes a creditor to obtain a writ of plevin for a repossession varies in each state. Based on the local court jurisdiction, processing times to obtain a writ of plevin may take between 15 and 60 days.

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Usually there will not be a separate eviction filed after a foreclosure. Typically, the plaintiff will request that the clerk issue a writ of possession as a part of the foreclosure. The judge may direct the clerk to issue the writ of possession as a part of the foreclosure judgment or the Plaintiff may request it afterwards. Once the writ of possession has been issued, it must be delivered to the sheriff. The sheriff will post the writ on the property and you have 24 hours to vacate. In short, not very long.

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