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How long does it take to get from Hawaii to New York?


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Continental flies from Honolulu (HNL) to Newark (EWR) in about 9 and a half hours, and the return trip takes 11 hours.


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It Depends,if your in Califronia it will take few hours but new york to hawaii takes 5 hours and 20 minutes in a airplane

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It depends on the part of New York and Hawaii you mean, but it is about 5000 miles between New York and Hawaii.

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It will take about 9 hours and 50 minutes.

No, dear friend.Hawaii is an Island, and there aren't any underwater trains leading to Hawaii from New York. I suggest you take a plane, because no one is building that train until technology advances in the future.

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Five days to get to the west coast. But, wouldn't be able to drive further, as Hawaii are islands. So, would need to take a ferry. That would surely take a few days, as those islands are far out at sea.

A flight from New York to Hawaii would have a flight time of about 10 hours.

Hawaii is the state farthest from New York.

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