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The coma itself, if medically-induced can usually be quickly reversed (in an adult who is otherwise fairly healthy) by giving medication to counteract the drug used (e.g., Narcan for opioid narcotics) or by allowing the drug used to "wear off", since these are usually short acting drugs if not continually given in repeat doses. Depending on the reason for induction, full recovery may require additional treatment for the other conditions present even after the patient is fully brought out of the coma itself.

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How long to recover from medically induced coma?

If you slip into a medically induced coma, your doctors should hopefully revive you when needed, but if they do not, then you will have to have someone you trust very much attempt to wake you up, as you will not be able to wake yourself.

How long can you have a medically induced coma?

Theoretically, a medically induced coma can be sustained as long as supports are provided. These supports include nutrition and hydration. In addition care would have to be taken to avoid pneumonia and threats to infection such as bedsores.

How long does it take to come out of a medically induced coma and how do they do it?

A medically induced coma usually ends within 6 hours of the medicine which they induce the coma which is stopped. The person usually wakes up on their own. Their are sometimes complications though, and the person may take a while to come through. In very rare cases, they don't.

How long to come out of propofol induced coma?

wont wake from coma after profol

How long can a person be in a medically induced coma?

Not entirely sure, but i think forever, because the coma is keeping the man breathing. For example if you get yourself put into a coma just before you die, you won't wake up 20 years later, but you wont be dead.

How long to recover from induced coma?

welll am sry but no one knows but only god doctors dont know but they can give an estimation when he/she might wake up

What is hypoglycemic coma?

A hypoglycemic coma is a coma that is induced from excessive amounts of injected insulin shots or medications that contained hypoglycemia. Like most commas it can last for a long time and be deadly.

How long was Richard Hammond in a coma for?

Long enough to worry his wife, but fortunately, he came out of the coma and got better.

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how long does it take for torn cartilage to recover

How long does bird flu last?

It is estimated that 50 to 60 % of those who have the Avian Flu do not survive. For some, the illness takes them quickly with overwhelming fluids filling in the lungs, others may need long term intervention and ventilator support, and even induced coma, to just survive.

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How long was Sean Kingston in a coma for?

3 weeks

How long does it take to wake up from an accident coma?

depends on how deep of a coma there in it could vary from 1 day-never

How long does it takes to recover from appendix removal?

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How Long can you live in coma without food or water?

A coma can last for a few days to a few weeks months even years

How long was the rapper game in a coma?

October 1, 2001 He was shot execution style five times and was in a coma for two days.

Are you tired after you come out of a coma?

Yes. And fatigue is likely to be a long term problem if the person was in a coma due to head trauma or a stroke.

How long was rick in a coma for on The Walking Dead?

In the comics it is stated that he is in the coma for 2 months and the Apocalypse started the beginning of the last month.

How long was the worlds longest coma?

Elaine Esposito went into a coma August 6, 1941 and died November 26, 1978 after 37 years and 111 days, which is the longest recorded coma.

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