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I believe til the child is 18. You can call your insurance company as coverage could extend to 23 if he/she is in school. * If the insurance is connected with a child support the time when it can be ceased will appear in the terms of the original court order. A minor becomes a legal adult at age 18 in the State of Missouri. There are not laws which would force a parent to continue paying after the age of majority with the exception of a child support or other court order that states otherwise.

2006-07-17 20:40:37
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No they do not have to offer Health Insurance! Depends on the job and if they provide it! Now a days people are being cut from Health plans due to the increase in Insurance prices because of the Economy... Peace! Unless you're in California, then most likely, yes. If the company has 50+ employees then the company is required to provide medical coverage. Doesn't have to be great, though.

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Humana only provides health insurance because they only advertise about health insurance and then they have forecasting methods to see what impact that health insurance will have on future expences

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Is health insurance required in Saudi Arabia?

All non-cهtizens are required to carry health insurance. Muhammad Al-Salamah محمد السلامة non-citizens who work for health care facilities and clinics are not required to carry health insurance. Additionally this law, like many others in Saudi Arabia, is often ignored.

What two types of insurance do employers provide to employee?

Workers Compensation & Health Insurance

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Hourl employees do no receive group health insurance. However, management and supervisors, depending on their rank, can sometimes receive health insurance.

Are there any carriers who provide high risk health insurance for residents in Omaha, NE?

Nebraska Health Insurance provides high risk health insurance for residents in Omaha ,NE

Can an employer pay health insurance for you?

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