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How long will a VW passat last?


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September 29, 2009 1:52AM


i have a 99 passat with 246k on it and it runs like new,no problems at all,But i do change the iol every 2500 miles!

I have a 99 Passat, V6 - 5 Speed and have 267,000 miles on it. (A lot of highway miles from 2002 thru 2007). I use the Mobil One 5w-30 (since 165,000 miles) and now change it every 12,000 miles. Currently putting 15,000/yr on the car. Original exhaust, air condition never serviced still works great - 3 Timing Belts - and I've been using Regular Fuel since about 180,000 miles with NO PROBLEMS!