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How long will a repossession agent search for a vehicle?

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Till they find it.

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Can reposession agent go in home owners fence to recover vehicle?

Yes, as long as there is no breach of peace. The repossession agent cannot break a lock or damage property. They can only recover the vehicle which is behind a fence only if it is accessible.

What is the statute of limitations in Georgia for repossession of a vehicle?

I don't think there is a statute of limitation on repossession of a vehicle anywhere as long as there is an overdue payment outstanding.

What are the repossession rules in Florida?

Florida allow repossession by UCC regulations, a right to cure notice or replevin order is not required and the vehicle may be recovered by a licensed agent as long as it is done without a breach of peace. The county recorder must be notified of the repossession action and the plates remain with the borrower.

Is it legal to repossess a car at 7 A.M. in Arizona?

Yes, as long as the repossession agent did not commit a breach of peace as defined under the laws of the state or municipality in which the vehicle was recovered.

How long after repossession of your vehicle does the lien-holder have to sell the vehicle?

Forever Adding: I believe the questioner may actually mean to say - does the lien holder have to wait to sell it. Perhaps he doesn't understand that after repossession, it is then "their", that is the lenders, vehicle.

What is the statute of limitations in regards to car repossession in NC?

As long as a vehicle is collateral for a loan, it can be repoed.

How long do you have to get your vehicle before they can legally search?

Legally search for WHAT?

Does Arkansas require a license to become a repossession agent?

No, as long as you have verification of who your repoing it for or if you have the title and papers saying they owe you.

How long after a vehicle repossession does the bank or car company have to sell the vehicle and is there a maximum time limit in Tennessee?

30 days and 20 minutes dude

Is the repossession under the following circumstances is it legal in Alabama in a fenced property not belonging to registered owner?

Yes, in at least two scenarios:If the property owner gives permission to the repo agent to enter and take the vehicle, provided there is no free access to it: i.e. it is gated or the vehicle is tored in a structure.If the repossession agent has free access to secure the vehicle. That is, if the agent does not have to remove locks, or enter a structure.Here's a common misconception though. Many debotrs believe that if they live in a gated apartment complex that the driver cannot enter to secure the vehicle. Not true. Provided the driver has not been served a notice of trespass by the property owner, he has access to the property as long as he can secure access. Security gates are not infallible, they can be circumvented.You contracted to pay the loan. You signed the right to cure. You gave your permission for the vehicle to be repossessed in the event you defaulted. You did default and the repossession agent did his job. If you continue to refuse to honor you contracted obligation, you will still pay what you owe. It's just a matter of time and sometimes legal process.

Can your car be repossessed from your work if it is private property in Washington state?

Yes. The repossession agent may recover the vehicle so long as he has free access to it, on private property, public property, federal property (with the proper permits), even a limited (key card) access parking garage so long as he is given access to the garage. Keep in mind that hindering the repossession of a vehicle is a crime in most states. In situations when this has happened, the agent or the lender may seek a replevin. In the event a replevin is acquired, it will be served by a law enforcement officer accompanying the recovery agent, you will be ordered to surrender the vehicle, and your failure to do so will land you in jail and the LEO will supervise the recovery of the vehicle anyway. Your choices then, when a vehicle is up for repossession is to surrender the vehicle voluntarily, or give the recovery agent grief and give him a reason to take it when it is easiest for him and most inconvenient for you. Consider that recovery agencies are in the very specialized business of finding and securing vehicles that those who haven't paid for them are trying to hide. In six years of skip tracing, no one ever got away from me, and there are skip tracers out there far more skilled than I.

Can a repo take place at your work in Florida?

A repossession can be executed anyplace or time that a person holding the repossession order sees the vehicle in question, as long as the repo man does not violate the law in doing so. That said, Florida law does not restrict repossession according to location.

What rules must be followed when repossession takes place?

Most generally the agent must not breach the peace. There are specific laws pertaining to repossession agencies that are different in different states. However, for the most part, as long as the peace is maintained, and it is a self-help state, there is nothing more the agent must do.

In the state of Ca. How long is the statute of Limitations on a vehicle repossesion?

10 years, a repossession will stay on your credit for 10 years.

Repo how long will it take to get on credit report?

If your vehicle is already up for repossession, it is already on your credit report as a delinquent or defaulted debt.

How long can you fall behind in your car payments before they can issue a warrant?

They cannot issue a warrant to have you arrested for non-payment of your car loan. Worst case: They have sent a repossession agent to retrieve the vehicle but you have hidden it and he cannot find it. If you avoid repossession for long enough and refuse to cooperate, the lender may get a court order (writ of replevna) demanding that you surrender the vehicle. This order will be delivered by the county sherrif, not the repo man. At this point, you will either allow them to take the car or be arrested for contempt of court. It is about 30-45 days

Can you be arrested for repossession of a car?

Repossession of a carDo you mean, "can you be arrested for not allowing repossession of a car?" If so, then yes, you can.If you meant 'can you be arrested for repossessing a car?" you can't as long as you have a permit/license to do so and conduct yourself in a lawful manner duriong the actual repossession.Added; In potentially violent situations, repossessors will sometimes call law enforcement and ask them to 'stand by' while they take the vehicle, but only to prevent a breach of the peace. Law enforcment will play no part in assisting in the actual repossession of the vehicle, inasmuch as repossession is done under a civil court order, and is not a criminal matter

I made a agreement of payment by this Friday can they still repo me?

Yes, as long as an active repossession order exists, the vehicle will eventually be recovered. If it is seen in towing position by a recovery agent, he will take it. Keep in mind that many repossession agencies have spotters who do nothing but stake-out wanted units, or look for them in public locations where recovery agents may secure them. Any attempt to hide the vehicle or prevent the recovery could be prosecuted. Repossession is a time game, an inevitability. Hundreds of thousands of vehicles are repossessed in the US every year. Less than 1% of 1% of the vehicles up for repossession are successfully hidden for any significant time. And, some states are passing laws that will prevent parties who have active repossession orders against vehicles registered to them from registering any vehicles in that state. If you have active arrangements with the lender, hope your payment reaches them before the recovery agent is able to secure the vehicle in question. Be certain to contact the lender and get their assurance that repossession activites have been cancelled once the payment is received. Your best course of action is to take the payment to the lender, and while there have them call the repossession agency who has the active order and witness them cancelling the order.

How long does a creditor have for repossession of vehicle after bankruptcy discharge in OH?

Thats a good question to ask your B/K attorney for state specific advice.

How long after repossession can you get a car loan?

The repossession stays on your credit report for 7 years.

How long is the statute of limitations on a car repossession?

There are none. As long as you remain delinquent on payments, or until other arrangments can be made with the seller, the vehicle is still theirs. And they can come and get it anytime they want.

How long must a financial institution hold a vehicle after repossession before it can be disposed of?

im Missouri it is 10 days after repo, the title can be filed for repo by institution.

Is a lender in Missouri required to send the borrower a Notice of Right to Cure before repossession action?

No, Missouri has no laws that require the creditor to notify the debtor that a vehicle is subject to repossession.The lender can have the vehicle repossessed without notice as long as the repossession does not commit a breach of peace as defined by the laws in the jurisdiction where the vehicle is seized.ADDED: While the above answer may have been correct at the time it was written - it is no longer applicable.Quote: "As per the UCC, repossession is allowed and permitted as long as it is peaceful, after a Twenty Day Right To Cure Letter from lienholder to debtor. One time cure law in effect in Missouri; all others per contractual agreement." unquoteSee below link:

What are the state laws for repossession in the state of Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, a loan company can repossess a vehicle when it is just 1 payment behind. These companies can also repossess a vehicle at any time of the day or night as long as they do not breach the peace.

Can a car be repo in hospital in Detroit MI?

The car can be repossessed at any point where the recovery agents have the opportunity to seize the vehicle, so long as the repossession remains peaceful.

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