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How long will an engine last with worn rings?

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You can put inoil addatives {like STP} to help them last. There is also a thing called "Overhaul in a can" which I have used with limited success.

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Motorcycle uses to much oil?

Worn engine rings or valves Worn engine rings or valves

Why does engine burn oil?

Worn engine parts. Rings, bearings, etc.

Why would gas be in oil on 305 engine?

worn piston rings

350 motor that keeps blowing oil in the carb what do you do?

It is time for an engine overhaul. The pistion rings/ oil rings and compression rings are either broken are worn out. That is called blow-by. Your engine is done.

What happened if the engine lost the power and make smoke?

Possibly worn cylinder bore(s), or worn out or broken piston rings.

Why would you have a lot of blue smoke coming from your engine?

Your engine is burning oil. The usual causes are worn out valve guides and seals, broken piston rings, worn rings and scored cylinders which all amounts to an engine overhaul. If you have a turbo charger on your vehicle, it may have gone bad.

What causes an engine to burn oil?

The typical causes are worn piston rings or valve guides.

What would cause low compression on a single piston engine?

The piston rings may be worn out .

What can cause diesel fuel to mix with engine oil in a mack truck?

Worn piston rings.

What is a good blow by for a 12.5 liter diesel?

"Blow-by" is not good for any engine. It indicates worn internal engine parts (rings)

Why is your straight six engine burning oil?

burning oil is caused by worn and broken valve seals,or worn or broken oil rings on the pistons

What makes an engine lose compression?

Worn cylinder bore, worn piston rings, poor valve seat condition, tired valve springs.

Got oil in your air filter What is the cause pug 205 1.9des?

the engine is breathing badly,probably worn piston rings or worn valve guides

Why is their oil in your carb of lawn machine mower?

There is too much oil in the crankcaseWorn out valve guidesWorn out piston ringsBlocked engine breather

Low compression in a 1.6 engine Honda in all cylinders. Any idea?

worn or broken compression rings engine needs a rebuild

What are the common causes why engine blow by?

High mileage, worn out piston rings, pcv system not functioning properly,

How can you tell the difference between worn out valve seals and worn out rings?

Bad valve seals generally produce smoke after start up only or after a period of idling. Worn out rings would smoke continuously. A compression test would verify the condition of the rings. Try a wet and dry test of the compressions. Get a set of readings dry, then put a teaspoon of engine oil in each bore, turn over and re-test. Worn rings will have improved readings when wet. Worn valves will show no difference.

Does loose rocker arms cause engine to smoke?

Not usually. If the rocker arms are loose because the cam lobes are worn down, that could be an indication of a worn engine, which might have bad rings or loose valve guides, which would cause an engine to smoke.

What causes engine blowby?

Blow by is caused from the piston rings being weak or worn, also cylinder may be worn and out of round, allowing compression to leak down into the lower end of the engine, pressurizing it to the point that oil and smoke can be seen where it escapes the engine

What is a remedy of the engine if it is loose of compression?

If engine is losing compression it is likely the rings are worn and need replacing. The valves are likely leaking too and need replacing.

Why is my 94 Chevy truck drinkin to much oil?

Oil leaks, piston oil rings bad, Valve seals worn out. The whole engine may just be worn out.

What it going on when gas is in your oil on a 1988 Chevrolet celebrity 2.8 engine?

I would suspect excessively worn or broken rings.

How do you stop blowby on a 55 rocket?

Blow by is caused from the compression rings on the pistion being broken are just worn out. Must tear engine down and replace all of the pistion rings.Nother words engine needs REBUILT.

Will it hurt the motor if you drive it with worn rings?

If you have worn rings, the motor is already hurt. If the bearings are as bad as the rings, catastrophic failure is right around the corner.

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