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It depends on how many gallons the pool holds.

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Q: How long will it take to drain an above-ground pool?
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How long does it normally take to drain the water from the pump when closing an in ground pool for the winter?

Draining the water from the "pump" (I'm assuming you mean the filter) should only take a few minutes. How long it would take to drain the water in the pool down to the winterization level would depend on the size of your pool and the pump you are using.

How long does it take to drain a 40 thousand gallon pool?

Overnight or same day with the proper size equipment and pump or pumps. K

How long did it take to built the in ground swimming pool?

how long did it take to build the in- pool ground

How long does it take to put a pool in?

it depends on how big the pool is

How can i pump out a large inflatable pool and drain through garden hose away from area?

Syphon - ensure the bottom of the pipe is lower than the top, suck the water through and it will keep flowing. A standard 3/4" hose will take a LONG time to drain a large pool, but you can use multiple hoses...

How long does it take to empty an olympic size swimming pool?

This is one of those questions that has no real answer. You drain a pool by pumping out the water so the bigger your pump, the less time it takes. Your standard olympic sized pool holds 660,000 US Gal. so take that number, divide it by your pumping capacity and that will give you the time.

Where is intake hose on pool?

The intake hose on a pool is typically used during cleaning. It is usually located inside the skimmer area. The drain at the bottom of the pool can also take in water.

How much pressure can a sewer drain take if i am putting water into it from my pool?

lets just say alot

Do you need to drain an in-ground pool every few years to recycle the water?

It depends on your water chemistry, if you need to drain an in-ground pool every few years to recycle the water. If your cyanuric acid level is out of control you should. If you keep it balanced there should be no need to drain it and refill. Take your water to a pool professional to see where your chemistry is at.

How long does it take for a solar pool cover to heat a pool?

2 days

How do you replace a swimming pool main drain valve?

The valve for the main drain on older pools would be located at or on the equipment pad. You will most likely need a pool tech who knows how to plumb pool equipment to have it changed out. On the other hand if you mean replacing a broken or loose main drain grate then you would have to take the loose or broken grate to your local pool store for an updated version replacement. They will advise from there. k

How many tampons does it take to drain a pool?

Tampons aren't going to be used to drain a pool, obviously. Tampons are for managing menstrual flow, not for draining a swimming pool. If you were wanting to guess how many tampons would be needed, well that would depend on the pool size and the tampon absorbency!