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About 61,928 Australian soldiers died during World War I.

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Q: How many Australians died in World War I?
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How many Australians died in the First World War?


How many Australians died in France in World War 1?


How many Australians died in kokoda world war 2?


Why is World War 2 significant to Australians?

Because many Aussies fought and died in it.

How many Australians soldiers died in World War 1?

over 18,000 where died and 20,000 wher wounded

How many Australians died in the War of the Pacific?


How many Australians died in World War 1?

just over 60 000 Australian soldiers died in WW1

How many people from Australia have died in the Afghanistan war have died?

how many native Australians died

How many Australians died in the Afghanistan war?

Australia: 2

How many australians came back from world war 2?

I Don't Know how many came back but 27,000 died

How many australians soldiers have died in the war on terrorism?

6 people

How many Australians died at the Kokoda Track during the War?


How many Australians served in World War 1?

About 400,000.

How many Australians enlisted in World War one?


How many Australians survived World War 2?

About 5 million.

How many Australians returned in World War 2?

Approximately a million.

How many Australians were lost in World War 1?

By the end of World War 1, 58,961 Australians had been killed, and over 165,000 had been wounded. The war lasted from 1914 to 1918.

How many Australian's survived in world war 2?

The majority of Australians survived the war but a large majority of the 7 million people at that time were soldiers, approx 1 million. Over 40,000 Australians died in the war and 750 civilians were killed.

How many Australians Died at Gallipoli at war?

Approximately 8500 Australian troops died at Gallipoli in 1915.

How many Australians were taken prisoner in World War 1?

3647 were taken as prisoners of war.

How many Australians enlisted in the armed forces in World War 2?

About a million.

How many Australians were conscripted during World War 2?

there were 12000000 soliders

How many Australians were wounded in World War 2 Kokoda Track?


How many australians served in the army in world war 2?

how many, its obvious isnt it, 20,000

How many Australians were involved in World War 2?

How many Australians were involved?In Australia it was estimated that 993 000 men and women were involved in WWII