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Q: How many Ford Mustangs were made from 2002 through 2005?
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How many Ford Mustangs were made in 2005?

there were 10,000 mustangs made in 2005

How many ford mustangs are used through out the film?


What Ford Mustangs have the Ford symbol on the front of the car?

All Ford Mustangs have the Ford symbol on the front of the car.

Mountain Dew How many ford Mustangs are used through out the film?


Are there Ford Mustangs that are automatic?

There are standard and automatic transmissions available for Ford Mustangs.

How many types of Ford mustangs are there?

well there is a lot of ford mustangs but my guess would have to be around 30 different types of mustangs

If there is not a dipstick in a 2005 Ford Mustang how do you check transmission fluid?

The 2005 and up Mustangs don't have dipsticks Ford considered sealed so it shouldn't need fluid unless it has a leak.

Who made the Ford Mustangs?


Are Ford Mustangs front wheel drive?

No, all Ford Mustangs are rear wheel drive vehicles.

How many kinds of Ford Mustangs are?

If I'm not mistaken, I believe that there are 5 generations of Ford Mustangs, dating back to the 1960s.

Are mustangs front wheel drive?

No , Ford Mustangs are rear wheel drive

Does Eminem like Ford Mustangs?


Do 1972 Ford Mustangs have airbags?


Does mustangs have a ford engine?


What are mustangs best at?

If you're talking about Mustangs as in the Ford car, drag racing or racing. :D

Where can one find pictures of Ford Mustang cars?

Ford Mustang pictures can be found on sites like All Ford Mustangs, Ford-Mustang, Ford, Mustang Photos, Only Ford Mustangs, Hub Ca Cafe, and Net Car Show.

How do ford motor company get Ford Mustangs?

They have to catch them in the wild in Montana.

What year did the Ford Mustangs come out?


How many models of Ford Mustangs are there?


What ford dealerships have 2013 boss 302 mustangs?

Do an internet search of Ford dealers to find out which.

Where do they sell mustangs Chevy at?

no where u idiot mustangs are made by ford. u might be confused with the chevy camnaro.

Are Ford Mustangs sold in England?

yes they r

How many 1967 Ford Mustangs were made?


Are Ford Mustangs rear wheel drive?


How many classic Ford Mustangs are there in India?