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How many Guirenganes are there in the world?


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January 20, 2008 12:36PM

To my knowledge there are, to date (20-01-08), only 10 people with the Guirengane surname alive. Namely, Maria Matandalasse Guirengane (through marriage), Joao J.A. Guirengane Senior, Quiteria M. F. Laice Guirengane (through marriage), Leontina Guirengane, Helena Guirengane, Jose A. Guirengane Junior, Leonil "Leu" J.G. Guirengane, Joao "Cadio" L.F. Guirengane, Juscelina "Joyce" C.M. Guirengane, Quiteria "Quinita" A.F. Guirengane These are part of the family line of the Matsinhe's, as the Guirengane senior of all seniors dropped the latter surname. He was name Jose Antonio "Dabo" Guirengane Matsinhe, dropped the Matsinhe surname, and all his children and successors were surnamed Guirengane. There's another similar family line version of Guirengane, Guirrengane (with double r), these although coming from the same region are a different family. The Guirengane(s) are original from the Inhambane Province, South of Mozambique-Africa, especifically from the Bush area of Sahanne. Jose Guirengane Senior (passed on 01-01-06), also known as Dabo, was a carpinter by profession, and used to work at the railway of the Ultra-Marine Province of Mozambique(before independence) and subsequent to the independence in 1975. He had a first marital enlacemente from which the also late Antonio Jose Guirengane was born, through Antonio Jose Antonio Guirengane (grand-son) Junior was born. Later he married Maria Matandalasse, from Morrumbene-Inhambane, lived in Inhambane and later moved to Beira, Sofala Province-Central Mozambique. They had 5 children, Joao Guirengane Senior, Leontina Guirengane, Helena Guirengane, Ofelia Guirengane (passed on 2006), and Carlos "Lito" Guirengane (disappeared since 1990's). Joao Guirengane married Quiteria M.F. Laice and had 4 children, Leonil Guirengane, Joao Guirengane, Juscelina Guirengane and Quiteria Guirengane. Leontina Guirengane married Victor Joao and had 4 children, Vania Joao, Victor "Papucho" Joao, Jose "Painho" Joao and Maria "Catchy" Joao. Helena Guirengane married and later divorced Gudofredo Uamusso and had 3 children "Sonito" Uamusso, Dencio "Taninho" Uamusso and Tania Uamusso. Ofelia Guirengane married Luis Chamusso and had 1 child, Uitney Aida Chamusso.