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How many Japanese Americans died in internment camps during World War 2?

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January 29, 2015 11:18PM

Over 200 People died. Its was a Very sad and horrid thing for America the Great to do! :( Lets NEVER do this again!

According to documentary information on History Channel not many POW's taken by the Japanese came out alive and they were treated very badly. The Germans treated POW's better if they played by the rules.

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The question is, how many of those who died would have died, anyway, had they been left in their homes and hometowns? Certainly, a good number of them were sick to begin with, or were very old. In fact, the records of that time show that the Japanese, German, and Italian interns died at about the same rate as the rest of American people, and of the same things. The 82,000 Japanese interns that survived were paid $20,000 each for them or for their descendants to a total of $1.6 billion.

Also, there was never an order to intern all Japanese Americans. The order was to keep them out of sensitive military areas, and areas where sabotage would be easy for them to accomplish. The Army interpreted the entire West coast as a sensitive area. Tens of thousands of Japanese Americans had to endure moving away from the sensitive areas. Those who refused were interned.

Also, let's not forget the thousands of Italian and German Americans who were sent to internment camps, mostly in Montana and Texas!!

In some ways, the prisoners of the Germans were treated worse than prisoners of Japan.

On the other hand, some 20,000,000 Russian soldiers and civilians died in WWII, compared with 6 million German soldiers, a couple million Poles, at least 6,000,000 Jews, 407,000 Americans, and 387,000 from the United Kingdom. Heck, Stalin ordered millions upon millions of his own Russian countrymen executed.

Only the countries of Iran and Turkey had fewer people killed in the war than the number of interned Japanese American who died of various non-war causes. For that matter, more Japanese American soldiers were killed while defending America than were lost in US Japanese internment camps. I honor them.

The marvelous thing was the extremely LOW Japanese American intern death rate.