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this question makes no sense

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Q: How many Pontiac Formula Firebirds were produced in 1981 S motor 265 Chevy V8?
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Is it common for a 1983 Pontiac Firebird to have a Chevy small block in it?

yes. the last year of any Pontiac v8 was the 301 in 81. the standard engine in the 82 and up firebirds was the corporate engine-the Chevy 305

What type of engine is in a 1995 Pontiac Firebird Formula?

Chevy 350 LT1

Will a radiator from a Pontiac fit a Chevy s 10?

will a radiator from pontiac fit a chevy s 10

Will 68 Pontiac 350 headers fit 383 Chevy stroker?

No. The Pontiac headers will not bolt up to the Chevy small block.

What year was the Chevy Cobalt first produced?

The Chevy Cobalt was first produced in 2005

What is firing order on Pontiac 5.7?

18436572 whether it is a Chevy 5.7 or a Pontiac 5.7 Pontiac 5.7 engines ceased to exist after 1981 so anything after was either an Olds or Chevy engine.

Will a Chevy van transmission work in a Pontiac trans am?

No, the tranny has to be out of a olds, Pontiac, or Buick to bolt up to a Pontiac engine.

How do you tell the difference between a Chevy 400 and a Pontiac 400?

Many ways. Pontiac 400 has a cast aluminum timing cover, that mounts the water pump directly on it, Chevy 400 has a stamped steel timing cover, water pump mounts to the block. Pontic 400 has fuel pump on the drivers side, Chevy is on passenger side. Pontiac has a separate valley cover below the intake manifold, Chevy intake IS the valley cover. Pontiac distributor does not go through the intake manifold, Chevy does. Pontiac has 10 head bolts per side, Chevy has 17. Pontiac has long exhaust ports that bend 90 degrees from the side of the cylinder head, Chevy exhaust ports end at the face of the cylinder head. Pontiac spark plugs are above the exhaust manifolds, Chevy is below. Pontiac 400 is physically larger than the small block Chevy 400 also.

How many 2004 Chevy Avalanche s were produced?

80,566 2004 Chevy Avalanches were produced

Will a 1985 400 Chevy small block engine fit in your 1989 Pontiac formula?

Yes, but Chevy did not make a 400 in 1985. If the car already has a v8, it is already a Chevy engine. If it is a v6, it is still a Chevy engine, but you would need v8 wiring, brackets, exhaust,etc to make it work.

Will a Chevy 350 aftermarket intake manifold fit a Pontiac 350?

No, not even close. Pontiac 350 intakes will interchange with 1965-1979 Pontiac 389,400,421,428,455 intakes. Most all aftermarket Pontiac V8 intakes are designed for the 1965 up bolt pattern. 350 Chevy is part of the small block Chevy engine family, and virtually nothing interchanges with a Pontiac V8.

Will Pontiac 301 heads fit a Chevy 350?


Will a Chevy 350 work in a Pontiac trans am?


Will a 350 Chevy bolt on to a 1978 firebird transmission?

only a Buick, olds or Pontiac engine will bolt to a Pontiac tranny as Chevy blocks have a different bolt pattern.

What other models use same engine as a 1995 Chevy Cavalier?

Pontiac Sunbird Pontiac Sunbird

Could I swap 301 to 350 in 1979 trans am with any problems?

Which 350?? Chevy or Pontiac? A Pontiac engine will drop right in. A Chevy takes a lot more work.

Will Chevy 350 bolt in 94 Pontiac firebird?

Yes, it will.

Will the motor mounts on a Pontiac 350 fit a Chevy 350?

No, they will not.

Will Chevy heads fit on a Pontiac 350?

NO not even close.

Will a Pontiac lt1 350 fit in a 2001 Chevy Tahoe?


Will a Chevy HEI distributor replace a pontiac points distributor?


Will a starter for a small block Chevy fit a 455 Pontiac?


Will an interior form a 1951 Chevy Bel air fit a 1951 Pontiac Chieftain?

Interiors from chevy to pontiac are for all practical purposes the same as long as the body type is the same

How can you tell a Chevy 350 engine from a Pontiac 350 engine?

On a small block Chevy the distributor goes through a hole in the intake manifold. On a Pontiac the distributor goes behind the intake manifold.

Will 67 Pontiac 350 bolt to a 78 Chevy c10 trans?

Nope.....unless you possibly have a universal trans. The only thing that will bolt to a Chevy trans is a Chevy. The Buick, Olds, Pontiac and Cadillac share the same pattern with each other.