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How many Qalandar are there in world and where?

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September 13, 2011 2:48AM

People say that there are 3 qalanders in the world. But only Allah knows, how many qalandars are in the world or history.

Two are man which are called qaldandar, and one women called half-qalandar. That's the reason thay are called DHAAI QALANDAR by people.

Three Qalandars:

1. lal Shahbaz qalandar in sehwanr Pakistan

2. bu ali shah qalandar in panipat India

3. rabia basri qalandar in basra Iraq

However, there is no proof that the woman has half-position in the sight of Allah(God). Because, Allah clearly said in the Holy Quran that any Muslim Man OR Woman will be awarded equal positions and awards for their deeds. There are several ayats in the Holy Quran which you can self-check OR ask by any Hafiz or Scholar.

But, there is no ayat where Allah ever said that he will award half-credit to woman in return of her deeds so it is proved that the "Half-Qalandar" for Woman is wrong.