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Try "American War Library" and "Statistics about the Vietnam War."
No comprehensive list exists.

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Q: How many Silver Stars were awarded in Vietnam War?
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How many Silver Stars were awarded in World War 2?

Approximately 50,000 Silver Star Medals were awarded in WWII.

How many Silver Stars were awarded in 2005?

Contact the Pentagon.(

How many Bronze Stars were awarded in Vietnam?

No one knows for certain and no comprehensive listing exists.

How many silver stars have been awarded since 2001?

About 386 Silver Stars have been awarded to our men and women in uniform since the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 (9/11).

How many Silver Star have been awarded?

Unfortunately, the Department of Defense does not keep extensive records of Silver Star awards, however independent groups estimate that between 100,000 and 150,000 Silver Stars have been awarded.

How many combat infantry badges were awarded for Vietnam?


How many bronze stars have been awarded to Vietnam vets?

Use caution on those medals. The Bronze Star could also be awarded for Meritorious Achievement. If the Bronze Star has a "V" device attached to the ribbon portion, then the award is for VALOR (Bravery). See website: Statistics About the Vietnam War

How many purple heart medals were awarded for Vietnam?

Over 300,000.

How many Victoria Crosses were awarded in the Vietnam War?

Four Australians received the VC during the Vietnam War.

How many purple hearts were awarded during the Vietnam war?

Over 300,000.

How many people were awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross in Vietnam?

2063 people

How many people were awarded the Navy Distinguished Flying Cross in Vietnam?


How many silver medals will be given out at the 2012 Olympics?

Total of 304 silver metals were awarded.

How many Medals of Honor have been awarded since Vietnam?

Ten with two others approved but not yet awarded as of 1 September 2010.

What do the many tiny bronze stars on the ww1 ribbon mean?

The "tiny bronze stars" were awarded for battle participation.

How many were awarded two bronze stars with valor during the Vietnam war?

in total there were 69 American men awarded this prestigious medal including decorated war hero Sgt. John Thomas who has been credited with saving the lives of eleven men from his battalion by repetitively running into the battlefield and dragging out the wounded men. This figure was found on the national Vietnam museum website

How many bronze stars were awarded in World War 2?

The total number of Bronze Star Medals awarded during World War 2 is unknown. The 82nd Airborne alone was awarded 2,478 Bronze Stars. The medal was created in 1944.

How many Eagle scouts also were awarded the Congrestial Medal of Honor in Vietnam?

433 trp

How many bronze stars awarded for OEF?

Wait till OEF is over then answer it

How many Silver Slugger's did Babe Ruth have?

None. It wasn't until 1980 when the Silver Slugger was first awarded.

How many Congressional Medals of Honor were awarded in World War I and World War 2 and Vietnam?

World War 1: 124 awardedWorld War 2: 464 awardedVietnam: 246 awardedBringing a total of 834 medals awarded.

How many stars in Vietnam flag?

There is only one star on the Vietnam flag.

How many silver medals were awarded at the Beijing Olympics?


How many silver stars can one person receive?

There is no limit on how many Silver Stars might be awarded to any one individual. But, the recipient only gets the actual medal the first time. Second and subsequent awards of the same decoration are signified by the award of an "Oak Leaf Cluster" (OLC), a small brass oak leaf pin, to be worn on the ribbon of the initial decoration.

How many bronze battle stars equal 1 silver battle star?

As far as I can remember, you must have five bronze battle stars to receive one silver battle star.I received four bronze battle stars in Vietnam myself, and read once that this is correct. If I''am wrong,please state other wise. Thank You, Nam Vet ,