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There has never been a Star Trek TV movie.

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Q: How many Star Trek redshirts died in the tv movie?
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Did shanter play in the new Star Trek movie?

No, his character died in a previous movie, therefore he could not have traveled back in time with Spock to be in the movie.

What movie does dark maul die in?

Dark Maul died in Star Trek The Phantom Menace episode 4.

How many red shirts died in the original star trek series?

25 redshirts plus scotty but he comes back to life see the episode the changeling 7 blue shirts die and a total of 8 yellow shirts die in the original series.

What will Star Trek be rated?

I'm sorry to say, but no one can predict what Star Trek will be rated. Every time a new Star Trek movie came out all the fans always said "Star Trek Lives" however, Star Trek never really died so I do not understand this. No one can predict what Star Trek will be rated however, the movie reviews were never good...because reviewers know nothing about Scifi or Star Trek and they therefore cannot logically rate it. I rate the upcoming Star Trek 11 a 9/10 for the Advertisements. (It loses 1 point because Zachary Quinto plays Spock...and as a Spock fan I believe only Leonard Nimoy should play Spock..)

How can Spock's mother be killed in the new Star Trek movie when she is alive in all other shows and movies?

because the actor died.

What are the original cast members of Star Trek doing now?

bones died in 1999

How does Spock actually die and how old is he when it happens?

The original Spock is still alive in the new alternate time line. In Star Trek Into Darkness, young Spock contacted him for information regarding Khan. Spock died at the end of the 2nd Star Trek movie, The Wrath of Khan, but he came back to life in the 3rd movie, The Search for Spock.

Who has been on star trek in all the series and the movies who have died since they were in the show or movie?

Kirk Spock /chekov/ sulu/ uhura actors are all alive the rest are dead

Was Adolf Zukor a Star Trek fan?

There is no evidence stating that Adolf Zukor was or was not a Star Trek fan. He was a director and producer at Paramount Pictures however he retired in 1959, 7 years before the first episode of Star Trek was aired. Zukor was 93 years of age in 1996 when the Star Trek franchise began. This however is not conclusive evidence that he wasn't a fan. He died at the age of 103

Who is Gene Roddenberry?

Gene Roddenberry is the creator of Star Trek. Sadly, he died on October 24 1991.

Is Spock dead?

Spock is not known to be deceased in any current Star Trek series or timeline. He was alive as of 2387, where he traveled back in time to the alternate timeline of the 2009 Star Trekfilm.With Leonard Nimoys death, the character of Ambassador Spock has died as of Star Trek Beyond.

What happen to Spock?

Spock died of unknown causes, presumably old age, prior to the events in Star Trek Beyond.

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