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339 Convertible WS6 Trans Ams were made in 1998. All WS6's have ram air.

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Of the 60 Fairwaygreen 1998 convertibles made where does mine come in?

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How many Trans Am's were produced in 1998?

thers about 12000 trans am produced in 1998 but i am not fully sure

Is it possible to change the body parts of a 1998 Trans Am to a 2002 Trans Am?


How do you disarm a kill switch in a 98 Trans Am?

There is no kill switch on a 1998 Trans Am.

Will 46re trans fit in 1998 grand Cherokee with 5.2?

You need a 44RE trans.

How much horsepower does a 1998 Trans Am have?


Hp for 98 Trans Am ls1?

Advertised: 1998 Trans Am = 305HP 1998 Trans Am WS6 = 325HP The truth is any f-body LS1 should be rated at 345HP. GM under-rated that motor.

Will a 1998 Trans Am headlight assembly fit on a 95 Trans Am?

No it will not the 98 has a different contour than the 95

2003 Dodge Ram trans interchange with 1998?


What size tires for a 1998 Buick Century?

For a 1998 Buick Century:Custom Package: 205 70 15Limited Package: 205 70 15

Will front fenders from a 1997 Trans Am fit a 1998 Trans Am?

No, they were revised in '98 and therefore not compatible with a 93-97

How many mpg does your 1998 Honda Accord get?

Standard trans, 25/31 Automatic trans, 23/30

Will a auto trans 1998 Cherokee 2wd 4.0 go into a 1997 wrangler 4wd 2.5 with auto trans?

No. The Cherokee uses a Aisin trans while the Wrangler uses a Chrysler trans,

What is the horsepower of a 1998 Trans Am?

305 hp 345 ft.

How much power does the 1998 Pontiac Trans am has?

305 horsepower.

Can a 5.2 liter engine from one 1998 Dodge Dakota be put into another 1998 Dakota in place of a 2.5 liter engine?

no you will need to change the trans no you will need to change the trans

Will the body parts from a 1998 trans am fit on a 1995 trans am?

All except the front fenders, hood and front clip.

What is the difference between a 1998 Jeep Wrangler and a 1998 Jeep Wrangler SE?

Trim package

What manual fluid does 1998 Chevy s10 2.2 liter take?

The manual transmission uses Mercon. i have 1998 s10 with 5 speed trans i was told to use syncromesh trans fluid

Does a 1998 Trans Am front end fit on a 1994?

No, it does not fit. Two totally different front ends. 1998 was the first year of the body style in the front end of the Trans Am. That particular style lasted until 2002 when Pontiac stopped making Trans Ams.

How do you change subwoofers in a 1998 Pontiac Trans Am?

I dont understand your question.

What is the weight of the 1998-2002 Trans Am?

It weighs about 3400 lbs.

What type of tranny in 1998 silverado with 4.3L?

That would be a 4L60E trans.

Where is the dipstick in a 1998 Chevrolet Blazer 2dr 4wd?

trans or oil? oil is in front left. i dont think the 98 blazer has a trans dipstick. Instead, there is a bolt on the side of the trans.

Where is the transmission drain plug on a 1998 Honda crv?

Automatic Trans: Right side (passengers side) at the bottom rear of the trans housing.

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