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11,609 US Navy sailors died in the Pacific theatre of operations, not counting Asiatic theatre or officers in US Navy killed in the line of duty. 5,041 US Navy Sailors also died during World War 2 from non-enemy action or combat.

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In the Vietnam war how many US Navy sailors died?

About 2,555 US Sailors died in the war. This figure takes into account US Navy airmen and riverine sailors.

How many us navy soldiers die in service?

The US navy does not have any soldiers, but in total about about 100,000 US navy sailors have died in service.

How many Navy soldiers died in World War 1?

they do not know how many Navy people died in the war

Where would you find information on a US Navy officer who died during World War 2 in Tarawa?

You can go to the navy records look up navy officers that died in World War 2 and it should tell you where they were stationd and where they died.

How many sailors died in World War 2?

about 20000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 people dieeeeeeeeeed

In the 2nd world war where did the word limeys come from?

The word Limey dates to long before the second world war and refers to the fact that British Navy Sailors used to eat Limes (and Lemons) to avoid scurvy. Limey is a nickname that was originally used for sailors in the Royal Navy. When more sailors were incapacitated or died through scurvy than in battle a solution had to be found. Scurvy is a vitamin deficiency disease, namely vitamin C. As lemons were a rich source of this they were initially used, but proved too expensive for the government and the Admialty. A cheaper answer was limes, so they were given to the sailors. Hence the name limey

Who was the japaneses navy leader?

Admiral Yamamoto was the head of the Imperial Navy. He was responsible for much of the strategy that was used in the war. He died when his plane was shot down in the South Pacific.

Where did us soldiers that died in the attack of pearl harbor come from?

The US dead in the attack on Hawaii were from all over the US. Most of the men killed were sailors in the US Navy. There were about 2400 men killed, and around 1800 were Navy men, around 400 were Army men, and the rest were Marines. Almost half the men who were killed died on the USS Arizona when it blew up. The peacetime Navy had allowed brothers to join up and serve together. There were 77 pairs of brothers who died on the Arizona, among the nearly 1200 men killed aboard her. Over 400 more Navy sailors died on the USS Oklahoma when it turned over.

How did sailors get rid of scurvy?

Sailors got rid of scurvy by eating healthy stuff but most sailors died.

How many of Magellan's sailors returned to Spain?

because the sailors died of starvatoin

How many sailors died in 911?

Of the 2,999 people who died because of the attacks on 9/11, 55 were listed as military personnel at the Pentagon. No sailors were listed as active sailors but may have been sailors acting in a different capacity.

How many people died in the pacific from World War 2?

700,000 - 10000000 Japanese citizens died in World War Two

How many black sailors died when the USS Maine exploded in Havana Cuba?

4 of the 22 black sailors aboard died.

How many US troops died in the Pacific in World War 2?

Asia-Pacific 108,504:Army ground forces 41,592United States Air Forces 15,694Navy/Coast Guard 31,485Marine Corps 19,733Unidentified Theaters- Army 39248,316 wounded and missing

Did everyone die on the USS Arizona?

No, but the majority of the sailors did. Over 1,000 sailors died on that ship.

How many us sailors died during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Over 2,000 sailors

How many US Navy sailors have died in the Iraq war?

a grand total of 84 active duty usn deaths as of 12/09/07 with 12 being USNR and 72 being USN.

How did the black plague affect the spanish sailors?

They died.

How many us sailors died at pearl l harbor?

A total of 2,008 United States Navy personnel were killed in action. In addition, 109 United States Marine Corps personnel were also killed.

How many US soldiers died in the attack of Pearl Harbor?

Over 2,300 people died. Nearly half were US Navy Sailors aboard the battleship USS Arizona. Most of the US Army casualties (soldiers) would have come when Hickam Field was attacked.

How many soldiers died in the battle of coral sea?

None, only sailors died

How many sailors died on the USS Arizona?

1,177 men died on the Arizona

How many died in the battle of Jutland?

Approximately 8,000 sailors.

What happened to the sailors of the US that delivered the atomic bomb?

They died

How many American soldiers died in the pacific theatre during World War 2 ended?