How many US troops have served in Iraq from March 2003 to March 2008?

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According to <a href="> this article, the answer is 1,500,000 troops have served in Iraq, up until the day it was written 11/23/2007.
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How many US soldiers have died since March 19th 2003?

GLOBAL Casualties of the Iraq War THIS LINK SHOWS HOW MUCH WE ALL suffers FROM THIS BLOODY GLOBAL TERROR WAR http:/ GO TO USA PART THE numbers are enormous and terrifying GOD BLESS all of our SOLDIER Overseas moni from new york the taleban wi ( Full Answer )

Why has the US kept its troops in Iraq?

Given the battles between warring factions there, and continued incitements by Iran, the US continues to fight destabilizing armed groups in the country. Despite popular elections and reduced terrorism, the military of the US has more to do before reducing its role in favor of Iraqi forces. Iraq ( Full Answer )

Will US troops be out of Iraq by Christmas?

I don't believe they will be out by Christmas or anytimes soon because it would be too much of a shock especially for Iraq. Obviously things would be better because families would be reunited and what not however would Iraq retaliate? And as much bad as we are causing over there...we are also part ( Full Answer )

How many troops died in Iraq?

People are still dying, but this is the most up to date estimate (22nd November 2007). The estimated civilian death toll is now 77,333 - 84,250. Military Fatalities: By Time PeriodPeriod US UK Other Total Avg/Day Days 6 790 43 9 842 2.82 299 5 933 32 20 985 2.39 412 4 715 13 18 746 2.35 318 3 ( Full Answer )

What tactics did the colonist use against the british troops on their march back from concord to Boston?

The colonists used tactic we would now call guerrilla warfaretactics. They thought of their tactics as doing what worked whenfighting the Native Americans, who also fought that way. . The colonists hid behind trees and stones and waited for theBritish troops. Then the colonists would fire and retre ( Full Answer )

How many troops are injured in Iraq war since March 19 2003?

As of 14th April 2008 the offical American wounded count for the ENTIRE conflict in Iraq is 29,627. The real count may be higher.... Check out:. Which may or may not be accurate...

Why is Easter 2008 in March not April?

\nWestern Easter is in March, but Orthodox Easter is in April this year (2008).\n. \nThe Easter date is determined by four main factors. The first two have been established by Apostolic canon, making them binding, and the last two have been established by church tradition.\n. \nThe West no longer ( Full Answer )

How many troops have been killed in Iraq US?

Casualties in Iraq The Human Cost of Occupation Edited by Margaret Griffis :: Contact. American Military Casualties in Iraq Date Total In Combat . American Deaths Since war began (3/19/03): 4106 3346 . Since "Mission Accomplished" (5/1/03) (the list). 3967 3238 . Since C ( Full Answer )

How many minutes were there in March 2008?

There are 31 days in the month of March. There are 24 x 60 = 1440 minutes in one day. Therefore, March 2008 contained 1440 x 31 = 44640 minutes.

What is a march?

There are several events in history that a group came to power or exerted their power over a reigning leader by marching to their seat of power and protesting or initiating a coup. Benito Mussolini and his followers marched on Rome which lead to him being selected a the leader of Italy. The Communis ( Full Answer )

What day is march 17 2008?

the day travis, my beloved 20 year old cat died. may he forever rest in peace, my little garfield.. sincerely -A

How many troops remain in Iraq?

As of this date, September 3, 2010, there are approximately 50,000 members of the Armed Forces remaining in Iraq.

How many us troops served World War 2?

There were sixteen million Americans in uniform in WWII. This was ten per cent of the population at the time, and the maximum it was believed an industrial nation could put into the military before hurting industrial production. Over eight million were in the US Army, and over three million more wer ( Full Answer )

Why do troops march?

Uniformity, organization and tradition. An unorganized military is an ineffetive military. It is also a separation between rank and unit.

Why were there marches and protests against war in Iraq?

1. People that have been affected by the operation; parents, relatives, or friends of someone that is in the service. 2. People that fear an escalation of violence; or because Southwest Asia is the region of biblical history, and these people fear the end of the world (an Armageddon). 3. Professio ( Full Answer )

Are us troops still in Iraq?

Yes, the withdrawel process and the logistics involved will more than likely take until 2011 until our forces have fully withdrawn. UPDATE: No. All US troops have been withdrawn as of December 16, 2011.

What forces invaded Iraq in march 2003?

The forces that invaded Iraq in march 2003 for Operation Iraqi Freedom was a combination of troops from many countries. The Multinationals Force Iraq as it was called consisted of troops from these nations. . The United States . Great Britain . Australia . Poland . Albania . Denmark . Spain ( Full Answer )

Why keep the US troops in Iraq?

One answer is that, there having been no good reason for the US to have invaded Iraq in the first place, there is no good reason for keeping US troops there now, especially given that their presence in a Muslim land is a great recruiting tool for al Quaeda, Hamas and other terrorist groups. Defender ( Full Answer )

How many US troops are in Iraq?

Currently in the country of Iraq there is about 200,000 troops currently stationed in Iraq. There was about 1 Million until recently when a large number of troops were pulled from Iraq.

How many months and days were there between September 8 2008 and March 6 2009?

March 6, 2009 was 180 days after September 8, 2008, a period of 181 days including those two days. Months are not a fixed number of days, but using the months as given, it is 5 months and 26 days (Sept 8 to Feb 8 and 26 more days). This includes 23 days in September, 31 days in October, 3 ( Full Answer )

What did shermans troops do when they marched to the sea?

They destroyed farms and wrecked railroads, to impede the Confederate war-effort. They were told that violence against the person was strictly forbidden, and most of the abuses were not carried out by his troops but by lawless mounted hooligans ("bummers") who rode alongside the army for opportunit ( Full Answer )

How many people are troops in Iraq?

There are around 47,000 troops in Iraq, this statistic was from November 30, 2010 so it is not 100% accurate, but pretty close.

Why did France attack Libya on the 8 year anniversary of the Iraq invasion March 19 2003?

It was just a coincidence. The reason why France attacked Libya is because they are part of the UN and the UN declared war on Libya for ignoring the cease fire commands from the UN and massacering/ mutilating innocent civilians. Thanks for the answer. My thought was that perhaps because France was ( Full Answer )

Why did the U.S. attack Iraq in March 2003?

There is no definitive answer to this - only theories. There was the claim that Iraq was building weapons of mass destruction. The Bush administration later abandoned that claim, and didn't offer anything in its place.

Why did British troops march you Concord?

Their task was to capture John Hancock and and Samuel Adams and destroy the military depot established by the Continental Congress there.

How many vacation days has Obama taken since January 2008 to March 2013?

Most objective sources have placed the total at between 84 and 90, and one source has said 95 days. This is still far fewer vacation days than some other recent presidents (most notably George W. Bush) took at this point in their presidency, but slightly more than a couple of presidents, including ( Full Answer )

When did Hitler march his troops into the Rhineland?

On March 7, 1936, Hitler's military forces entered the Rhineland. This violated the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, agreed to at the end of World War I. Under that Treaty, although the Rhineland was still part of Germany, it was required to be a demilitarized zone, to provide a buffer between the ( Full Answer )