How many countries have US troops in them?

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Approximately 150 Countries (37 European) have United States military personnel living and, or, working within them, according to acknowledgments by the US Department of Defense.

As of 31 March 2008, there are 433,120 personnel deployed outside the 50 states; 27 March 2009 has that number listed as just over 500,000.
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How many troops in the US military?

Today there are a Total of 2,475,967 soldiers in the Military. There is 507,158 soldiers in the army, 347,693 soldiers in the navy, 347,352 soldiers in the air force, 179,762

In how many countries are us troops deployed worldwide?

Canada United States El Salvador Nicaragua Colombia Peru Paraguay Cuba Haiti Iceland United Kingdom Portugal Spain Italy Belgium Germany Romani

How many total troops does the US have?

1,456,862 personnel are currently fighting (ranked 2nd in the world). 1,458,500 personnel are in reserve (ranked 7th in the world). "ARMED FORCES STRENGTH FIGURES FOR SEPTEMBE

How many us troops in Bosnia?

There shouldn't be any there now (unless there's some sort of training going on). US personnel have most likely pulled back to their old (cold war) installations in the former
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How many US troops are overseas?

There are over thousands of US troops overseas, fighting for us. It is hard to tell how many there are, because there are more and more every month/day.
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How many troops where used in the Cambodian invasion?

Troops on the ground, were told approximately 32,000 US GI's were to penetrate approximately 21 miles and to re-deploy from Cambodia after 60 days had elapsed.
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How many US troops are in Iraq?

Currently in the country of Iraq there is about 200,000 troops currently stationed in Iraq. There was about 1 Million until recently when a large number of troops were pulled
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How many us troops in kosovo?

Too many! I spent a year there. It was a waste of time an U.S. money. 1900 is the answer