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How many airplanes does Canada have?


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About 30,000.


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Air Canada has about 220+ Air crafts.

USA, Canada,and France are countries that export airplanes

there are 1,ooo,oo1 airplanes

In Canada, they have: bus, cars, trains, trucks, airplanes, monorails, motorcycles, bicycles, aircrafts, spaceships and many more! You could say what kind of vehicles there are if you want to.

How big is the hangar, how small are the airplanes.

There is no limit. Invent your own and get famous.There are many types of paper airplanes you can make them different the answer above is good but If you want to know different types of airplanes then you can look them up.But there are many types of paper airplanes

Four airplanes were hijacked on 9/11.

Being part of England, they flew British planes.

2,000 airplanes fly in the air each day.

Japan had over 50,000 airplanes during WW2.

There is no way to know exactly because not all of the airplanes sold have been documented.

There were 2 airplanes that crashed into the Twin Towers. 1 for each tower.

There are many differences between modern airplanes and older airplanes. The two most significant improvements have are newer more fuel efficient engine as well as structural redesigns such as the wings.

Airplanes are used for many purposes. They are Transportation, Military purposes, etc.. They are even used for disaster relief.

While most of our resources are sold with little or no value added we do make Automobiles Airplanes, machinery, even Nuclear Reactor Generating Stations (ok not many lately.).

Hundreds of thousands! (approx.)

Depends on the destination

If you are talking about how many planes they built to try to fly, well then that is 2. But they made much more airplanes for others afterwards.

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The collective noun for airplanes is 'a fleet of airplanes'.

The number of paper airplanes possible would be a function of their individual sizes. It could be one paper airplane, or many.

All gliders are airplanes, but not all airplanes are gliders.

Yes, jets really are airplanes but they are faster airplanes.

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