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About 30,000.

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Q: How many airplanes does Canada have?
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How many airplanes does Air Canada have?

Air Canada has about 220+ Air crafts.

How many women pilot airplanes in Canada?


Which country export airplanes?

USA, Canada,and France are countries that export airplanes

Does Canada import or export airplanes?


What kind of transportation does Canada have?

In Canada, they have: bus, cars, trains, trucks, airplanes, monorails, motorcycles, bicycles, aircrafts, spaceships and many more! You could say what kind of vehicles there are if you want to.

What did the Spanish people come to Canada in?

Ships, cars, airplanes

How many airplanes are there?

there are 1,ooo,oo1 airplanes

How did the settlers of the US and Canada overcome the distances across the continent?

by creating airplanes

Which country uses the most airplanes other than US?

Canada, UK,

How many airplanes fit in the hangar?

How big is the hangar, how small are the airplanes.

How many airplanes where hijacked on September 11?

Four airplanes were hijacked on 9/11.

What are the three means of transportation used in all of Canada's provinces and territories?

They are airplanes, trains, and boats/ ships.

How were airplanes used in World War 1 by Canada?

Being part of England, they flew British planes.

How many types of paper airplanes?


What does canada produce with its resources?

While most of our resources are sold with little or no value added we do make Automobiles Airplanes, machinery, even Nuclear Reactor Generating Stations (ok not many lately.).

How many airplanes fly in the air each day?

2,000 airplanes fly in the air each day.

How are older airplanes different than modern airplanes?

There are many differences between modern airplanes and older airplanes. The two most significant improvements have are newer more fuel efficient engine as well as structural redesigns such as the wings.

How many uses does an airplanes have?


How many airplanes do the US have?

About 22,00

How many airplanes does FedEx have?


How many airplanes PIA has?


How many airplanes on earth?


How many wings do airplanes have?


How many airplanes does airtran have?


How many airplanes in the holocaust?