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There currently is no official figure on actual sales Madonna has achieved.

Ideally, Madonna is the top-selling female artist worldwide from 1983-2008. Reasons?

SoundScan began tracking sales in 1991. For the record, Madonna scored 63x RIAA platinum status for her albums/discs in the USA. With 2000's Music album, she soared past 50 million albums sold in Europe alone (that tally by now has increased to around 65 million or so).

Madonna albums released 1983-1990 for worldwide/ U.S. (sales & shipments):- 1983 Madonna the Album 9,500,000/ 5 x platinum

1984 Like A Virgin 21,000,000/10x platinum (diamond)

1986 True Blue 22,500,000/7x platinum

1987 Who s That Girl 5,000,000/ 1x platinum

1987 You Can Dance 5,000,000/1x platinum

1989 Like a Prayer 14,000,000/4x platinum

1990 I'm Breathless … 6,500,000/2x platinum

1990 The Immaculate Collection 26,500,000/10 x platinum (diamond)

To date Madonna has easily sold between 190 million-200 million albums globally (estimations based on the shipments, catalogs and certifications). Warner Bros. often reports "more than 200 million albums" sold, but has not released album-by-album figures in some time.

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Q: How many albums has Madonna sold?
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