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How many amendments did Congress add to the Constitution in 1791?



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In 1791, Congress added 10 amendments. These first 10 amendments make up the Bill of Rights.

they where

1Amendment I - Freedom of Religion, Speech and the Press; Rights of Assembly and Petition.

2Amendment II - Right to Bear Arms

The amendment was adopted so that Congress could not disarm a state militia.

3Amendment III - Housing of Soldiers

Grew directly out of an old complaint against the British, who had forced people to take soldiers into their homes.

4Amendment IV - Search and Seizure

You may not be searched or have property seized without probable cause and/or a search warrant.

5Amendment V - Rights of the accused (Self-incrimination, Double Jeopardy, Due Process, Just


6Amendment VI- Rights to a Fair Trial (Speedy and Public Trial by Jury*, Tried in state where crime was committed, Informed of charges against accused, Witnesses, Right to a lawyer)

7Amendment VII- Rights in Civil Cases (Trial by jury in civil cases over $20)

8Amendment VIII - Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Bails, fines and punishments must be humane and fit the crime committed

9Amendment IX - Rights Retained by the People

Any rights not listed in the Constitution are still protected

10Amendment X - Powers Retained by the States and the People

States or people have all powers not given to national government. (i.e., marriage)