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How many amp does a stock fan motor pulls on an 86 Pontiac fiero?


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2010-07-03 19:42:33
2010-07-03 19:42:33

Do you have the single speed fan or two speed?

Are you measuring the engine compartment blower as well?

Mine read 4.5 amps

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Best top speed for a stock V-6 Fiero: 135 mph Worst: 115 mph Both Fieros were '85 GT's, the latter with an automatic transmission.

This engine will have seven injectors. 6 are the running injectors and there is a "Cold Start" injector.

It can come with either a Getrag manual 5 speed, or an automatic 4 speed with overdrive

Fieros came with 2 differnent stock motors, a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder, and a 2.8 liter v6

Any correctly running Fiero can beat any stock S10 One is a pickup and the other a sports car They both use the same engines. Nuff said.

The 2.8 V-6 engine was first used in the Fiero in the 1985 GT. It was called a 2.8H.O. engine and had 140 HP. It was the same in 1986. However, the same engine was used in other GM cars but had 130HP. In 1988 Fiero horsepower was reduced to 135. how ever they say 140 HP but dyno tests proove that the 86 fiero gt has 200 HP

The Fiero V6 2.8L engine produced a peak-corrected horsepower of 110 at 4500 rpm, significantly lower than the advertised 125hp. per dyno-testing of a stock 2m6. The Fiero 4-cyl 2.5L engine produced a peak-corrected horsepower of 85 at 4500 rpm, significantly lower than the advertised 92hp. per dyno-testing of a stock 2m4. Addition of turbo/superchargers has increased effective horsepower up to 30% without compromising engine integrity.

Silver is very popular, as is red - I much prefer the look of black on gray (ground effects) Keeps the look stock and is still a very nice paint scheme

Stock 140 HP , 170 lbs of Torque

150 with the LG4 motor and 190 with the L69 motor. Both are 5.0 liter V8 305 ci. engines.

i think but i can be positive that it will run he quarter in 14.9 there is a vid on you tube called fiero vs mr2 it has more details

Gets decent gas mileage, 18-24mpg. Plus the stock motor has some amazing power and a top speed 140mphish.

You can try wrecking yards, I got a couple spares for my 85 GT from Pick-n-pull "The Fiero Store" lists them as in stock, they are a great on-line resource for a lot of stuff.

I would not attempt to put a twin turbo system on the fiero stock engine, as it will not be able to hold the boost. There is a company called designone.com they make single turbo kits for the fiero and they use Garrett and hks turbos, check them out.

The best way is to drop the engine/tranny is as a unit in the cradle. Mostly involves disconnecting the wiring harnesses, fuel lines, suspension, exhaust and other things, raise the car, unbolt the cradle and lower it down. A stock clutch is good if you have a stock motor. If it's a beefier motor you might consider a performance clutch from Jeg's, Sumitt, Centerforce or some one like that.

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