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There are 22 countries in the Arab World.

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Q: How many arabian countries in the world?
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What countries still have caravans and nomads?

Many underdeveloped Arabian countries, 20+ of them.

What part of the world studies Islam?

Asia, mostly Arabian countries.

How many countries border the Arabian desert?


What countries are Old World culture hearth?

The Mecca area of the Arabian Peninsula

What countries in the Arabian Peninsula have desert climates?

All the countries of the Arabian Peninsula have a desert climate.

What is the world's largest peninsula?

The Arabian Peninsula . Home to seven countries .

Country on Arabian peninsula it borders the Arabian sea?

Countries on Arabian Peninsula that borders Arabian Sea are: Oman and Yemen.

How many Arabian oryxes left in the world?


What countries are on the world's largest peninsula?

scanidavian peninsulaYemenOmanUAEQatarKuwaitIraqSyriaJordanSaudi Arabia

What is the name of the world's most famous Arabian horses?

Because Arabian horses live throughout the world, you'll get different answers from different countries. There have been many famous Arabians both real and imagined, however one might argue that one of the most famous real horses is the Godolphin Arabian as a result of the book "King of the Wind" by Marguerite Henry.

What is the meaning of the name-Arabian Sea?

Arabian sea is near to Arab countries so it is called Arabian sea

How many people love Arabian Horses?

The Arabian is one of the most popular horse sin the world, so many people love them:).