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Q: How many atoms are in 2.50 moles of so2?
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How many moles of C are needed to react with 0.490mole SO2?

How many moles of C are needed to react with 0.490 mole SO2?

How many moles of CS2 form when 3 moles of SO2 reacts?


How many SO2 molecules are in 1.75 mol of SO2?

1.75 moles SO2 x 6.02x10^23 molecules SO2/mole SO2 = 1.05x10^24 molecules

How many moles of sulfur trioxide are formed from 3 moles of sulfur dioxide?

The most straightforward reaction for the formation of SO3 from SO2 is 2 SO2 + O2 => 2 SO3. If this is the actual reaction for the formation, 3 moles of SO3 are formed from 3 moles of SO2.

How many moles of SO2 is present in 0.45 grams of sulfur dioxide?

1 mole SO2 = 64.064g SO2 0.45g SO2 x 1mol SO2/64.064g SO2 = 0.0070 mole SO2

How many gram-moles in 320 grams of SO2?


How many moles are present in 128 grams of sulphur dioxide?

Divide mass of 128 g SO2 by its molar mass of 64.066 g.mol−1 SO2 and you get the number of moles: 1.9979 = 2.00 mole SO2

How many moles of SO2 are present in 250.0 g?

Number of moles is determined by dividing molar mass into the number of grams. SO2 has a molar mass of 64.066 g. To find the number of moles in 250.0 g of SO2, divide 250.0 g by 64.066 g. This gives you just over 3.9 moles.

How many moles of sulfur must be burned to give 0.567 moles of so2?

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How many atoms does SO2 have?

Each molecule of SO2 (sulphur dioxide) is made up of three atoms (1 sulphur atom and 2 oxygen atoms).

How many grams are in 0.75 moles of SO2?

.75 moles times 64 grams/mols = 48 grams

How many moles of oxygen are required if 4 moles of so2 are oxidized to so3?

Since oxygen is diatomic it requires 2 moles of oxygen.