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How many battles were there in the US Civil War?

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Most were just minor skirmishes, but there were around 10,000 conflicts between armies. Of these, 384 are recognized as significant. The total number of large-scale battles may be 400 or more, depending on whether "campaigns" or individual daily battles are used. There were more than a dozen mass conflicts, for example, in the Siege of Richmond.

There were 32 battles with more than 5000 casualties (killed or wounded). The largest number for one battle was Gettysburg with 46,000.

There is a list at the related link below.

The US Civil War had its beginnigs at Fort Sumter and ended at the Appomattox Court House where Confederate(South) General Lee surrendered to Union(North) General Grant.

The Civil War consisted of more than 50 major battles and 5000 minor battles. Over 360000 Union soldiers and 260000 Confederate soldiers died and many more were wounded.

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Where were most of the battles in the US Civil War?

Most of the battles in the US Civil War took place in the Confederacy.

Where did most battles take place in the US Civil War?

The Civil War battles were fought mostly in the South.

Were there any civil war battles fought in Alaska?

No, there were no battles fought in Alaska during the US Civil War.

How many battles did the union win during the US Civil War?

219 battles were won by the Union.

During the US Civil War what state saw the most battles?

Virginia saw the most (122) battles of the US Civil War.

What caused the undeclared naval war?

The US Civil War (American Civil War) was an undeclared war and had many naval battles; are you asking about that war?

Where was the US Civil War fought in Indiana?

There were no battles in Indiana. However, there were troops from Indiana who fought in battles of the Civil War.

In which state were the most US Civil War battles Revalutionary fought battles fought?

The most battles fought in the US Civil War occurred in the state of Virginia. There were 212 battles fought in the state.

Who won the US Civil War battles of Bull Run?

During the US Civil War there were two battles of Bull Run. Each were won by the Confederates.The battles took place in 1861 and 1862.

What battles were in Maryland?

The Battles of Brandwine and Fort McHenry in the Revolutionary War and the Battle of Antietam in the US Civil War.

What were important battles in the US Civil War and where were they located?


What are Connecticut Major Battles?

In the US Civil War, no battles were fought in Connecticut. The war in the North, however, saw battles in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Were there any naval battles during the US Civil War?

Yes, there were naval battles; in fact, the first ironclad ships were invented during the Civil War.

What are the battles and victors of the Civil War?

The victor in the US Civil War was the Union (i.e. the North). There were too many battles to list them individually here. See the Wikipedia article listing them by following the appropriate "Related Llink" below. The victor in the English Civil War were the Parliamentary forces. For the Battles fought in the English Civil war, see the Wikipedia article, "English Civil War timeline" at the appropriate "Related Llink" below. There have been many other civil wars in other countries. It is best if the country is specified when asking about a "civil war."

Where were the battles of the civil war fought?

The primary Civil War battles were all fought in the eastern US, with very few small fights in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona.

What State had the second most Civil War battles?

In the US Civil War, Virginia ranked first in the number of battles fought. Tennessee ranked second. It should be noted that many large battles were fought in a pattern that began in the middle of Tennessee and moved southeast into Georgia.

Nine different battles of the civil war?

The ten biggest battles of the US Civil war were The Battles of Bull Run, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Vicksburg, Chattenooga, Cold Harbor, Petersburg. (There were two major battles at Bull Run.)

What was the location of two major US Civil War battles?

Perhaps the two major and best known battles of the US Civil War were the Battle of Gettysburg and prior to that, the First Battle of Bull Run. Certainly the battles at Antietam, the Peninsula, Chancellorsville and Shiloh are also battles with a high profile.

What memorable moments did the Civil War have?

everything! the battles, income tax,greenbacks, also, civil war made US move forward, the battles fought especially battle of antietam, was recognized as the bloodiest war ever fought in history of US.

Was the bayonet frequently used in major US Civil War battles?

The bayonet was an important weapon in many US Civil War battles. In close quarters, the bayonet was used as the common infantryman were not issued side arms. Hand to hand battles were frequent and were famously used in many battles. For example, bayonets were in use in Seven Day's battles, Second Bull Run and Spotsylvania to mention just a few of the battles where bayonets had a role in the outcome of any given battle.

How long was the Civil War battles?

Battles during the US Civil war lasted different lengths of time ranging from a few minutes to as long as a month or longer as with a siege. The war itself with all of its battles lasted for four years between 1861 and 1865.

What were the sea battles in the Civil War?

Like the Vietnam War a century later, the US Civil War was primarily a riverine war (Brown Water Navy); fighting naval battles such as "The Battle of Mobile Bay", and "The Battle of Hampton Roads."

In what two states were the most US Civil War battles fought?

Virginia and Tennessee

What major battles did the US win in the civil war?

antietem and stuff. diet at

How did the people who died during the US Civil War get killed?

Soldiers in the US Civil War died mostly from disease and poor hospital care in hospitals. The remainder died during the many battles between the North and the South.

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