How many battles were there in the US Civil War?

Most were just minor skirmishes, but there were around 10,000 conflicts between armies. Of these, 384 are recognized as significant. The total number of large-scale battles may be 400 or more, depending on whether "campaigns" or individual daily battles are used. There were more than a dozen mass conflicts, for example, in the Siege of Richmond.

There were 32 battles with more than 5000 casualties (killed or wounded). The largest number for one battle was Gettysburg with 46,000.

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The US Civil War had its beginnigs at Fort Sumter and ended at the Appomattox Court House where Confederate(South) General Lee surrendered to Union(North) General Grant.

The Civil War consisted of more than 50 major battles and 5000 minor battles. Over 360000 Union soldiers and 260000 Confederate soldiers died and many more were wounded.