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How many calories are in a sausage sandwich?

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There are about 325 calories in a sausage sandwich.

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A bacon sausage sandwich from a fast food joint will have approximately 887 calories. However, you can reduce the calories by using turkey bacon and turkey sausage instead.

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There are about 430 calories in a sausage biscuit.

There are 130 calories in a sausage kolache.

There are about 310 calories in a German sausage.

Sausage sandwich = Wurstbrot

There are about 40 calories in one pickled sausage.

There are about 229 calories in 1 link of sausage.

There are about 164 calories in a sausage roll.

how many calories in s square sausage and roll

There are about 125 calories are in a turkey sandwich.

There are about 320 calories in a pork sandwich.

150 calories are in a sandwich with ham

There are about 500 calories in 4 links of breakfast sausage.

There are 410 calories in the McDonald's Sausage Biscuit.

A McChicken sandwich has approximately 430 calories.

A fluff sandwich has exactly 4 calories.

240 calories in a normal greggs sausage roll

A sausage Mcmuffin contains approximately 370 calories.

Usually, there are approximately 500 calories in a sausage and egg bap. In a sausage and egg bap, sausage contributes approx. 300 calories and eggs amount to 150-200 calories.

it has 180 calories and 130 fat calories

There are about 344 calories in a peanut butter sandwich.

There are about 134 calories in a cheese and bacon sandwich.

There are usually about 400-600 calories in a ribeye sandwich.