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Q: How many calories does a 14-year-old boy burn in his sleep?
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How many calories do you burn every hour you sleep?

Supprisingly 1.5 calories

How many calories will you burn sleeping one hour?

When we sleep, we actually burn about 77 calories per hour. Not too bad for doing nothing!

How many calories do you burn in your sleep?

A person who weighs 150ish burns more than 500 calories in an 8hr sleeping period

How many calories do you burn drawing?

you burn 2 calories from drawing

How many calories does figure skating burn?

you burn about 346 calories an hour.....

How many calories do you burn as you sleep?

well obviously you are always burning calories even when you dont know it. a scientist probably knows but idk. im not a scientist!

Burn 31 carbohydrates how many calories?

You don't burn carbs, you only burn calories and fat.

How many calories are burnt during 8 hours of sleep?

Most people burn around 90 calories an hour when they are sleeping. This depends on your weight. The more you weigh the more calories you will burn in one hour. On average you would burn around 720 calories in 8 hours of sleep ____________________________________________________________________________ well kids around high school age that have a good work out will lose about 2 pounds in their sleep however having good mucle mass will also make more fat loss in your sleep this is for everyone not just students.

How many calories do you burn tubing?

10 calories

How many calories does a sneeze burn?

About 3 calories.

How many calories do you burn swimming?

You can burn 10 calories every 20 minutes

How many calories do you burn playing rugby?

I think they burn at least 110 calories

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