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A perfectly performed plank - held for 60 seconds - will burn between 15 and 20 calories (according to Wii Fit Plus).

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Hello! If You Do The Plank For 60 seconds you will burn 15-20 calories. Bridge doesn't work. The Bridge Will Burn 4 Calories If You Hold for 200 Seconds.

How many calories you burn with exercise depends on how hard you exercise and how much you weigh. The more vigorous the exercise, the more calories per hour you can burn. Cross-country skiing, jogging and swimming are exercises that burn a significant number of calories per hour.

It all depends on the exercise that you do.

It greatly depends on the intensity and duration of the exercise you do.

It depends on how hard you exercise, and how many calories you eat. If you burn more calories then you eat, it will be helpful. So eat less calories and exercise hard and calories will start burning faster.

It depends on the exercise and how intense the activity is. Walking at a moderate pace for an hour will burn about 150 calories, while running at a medium pace will burn about 400 calories, for example.

Isometric exercise will not burn very many calories. While it does burn some, it is a strength training exercise, whereas something like sit ups or running burns calories.

200 Calories if you do 1 hr exercise

It will depend on the intensity of your performance and the type of exercise you do.

It depends on what kinds of exercise you do.

It depends on what exercise your doing...

Yes! If you eat you take in calories. If you exercise, you burn calories. The problem is that many people eat too much and exercise too little.

When we are sitting there ,it may burn 450 calories per hour ,but if you want to do exercise to build your body ,it may burn 1000 calories per hour.

In order to maintain your health, without knowing how many calories to burn, you can run yourself into health trouble.

You burn about 100 calories an hour, that's how much your body needs to just function, so about 2400 calories a day.

Exercise, plain and simple, burns calories and you need to burn more calories than you consumer to burn fat and lose weight. And, exercise builds muscle mass, which also helps you burn claories because muscle consumes twice as many calories to maintain itself as fat does.

It depends what the exercise and intensity is. Running for 30 mins will burn about 250 calories. Walking will burn about 100 calories. Working out on an elliptical will burn about 300 calories. Yoga will burn about 200 calories. Saran wrap will do nothing to help. It might actually be a bad idea because the skin will not be able to breathe and sweat properly.

How many calories burned in an hour on an exercise bike depends on the resistance setting and how fast the person using it is cycling. One can burn up to 650 calories per hour, but actual calories burned can be less on a low resistance setting.

You should check out an exercise reference chart and that will tell you

it help you burn as many calories that are needed to burn :-D

As long as you are familiar with correct technique while doing the exercise, it's very possible to burn 20 calories a minute!!

In order to lose five pounds in a week you would have to burn 17,500 calories. Many people burn about 1,500 calories resting, so you would have to exercise enough to burn 7,000 calories.

There is no exact amount of how many calories you "should" burn at the gym. It depends on what exercise or activity you are doing and how long you are doing it for. What is important is that you are exercising and being healthy.

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