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How many calories should a twenty-three year old woman who weighs 140 lbs and is five feet one inches eat in a day if she would like to lose 25 pounds?


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October 25, 2010 8:37PM

Well, first of all if you are 5'1 your healthy weight range is in between 115 and 135... so be careful you don't need to lose that much weight to be healthy! But a 1,200 calorie a day diet plus exercise at least three times a week you should start losing weight, but don't go below 1200 it could actually have an opposite effect (weird body science)... if you already do that some extra tips are: try not to eat white flour or white sugar (occasionally you should indulge yourself though, we only live once!) Eating breakfast within the first 45 minutes you wake up will increase your chances of losing weight. Eating citrus fruit for breakfast will work with your stomach throughout the day to break down food in your stomach and speeding up the digestion process, pairing citrus fruit with protein like an egg or peanuts, or even low fat turkey sausage is a good idea it will kick start you metabolism. "Whole wheat" items are the same as "white" items they are just un-died... look for "whole grain" Don't be afraid of the high fatty content of cheese and nuts they are pact with other healthy nutrients that will assist in weight loss and are a better choice for a snack than a "low fat low calorie" item. Good Luck!