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Since the early 1960s and touted as a life style rather than a diet the program. Weight Watchers is based on science, addresses the dieter's lifestyle as a whole, and is free of gimmicks. Focused on long-term weight management and a commitment to an overall healthy lifestyle. The program has four basic principles: eat smart, move more, get support, and develop better habits.

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Do you enter fat or saturated fat into the weight watchers calculator?

Enter the total fat, which includes both saturated and unsaturated fat.
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How many Weight Watchers points in an onion?

For 1 onion it's 1 Points for 1 cup. Apparently is 1 point for cooked and 0 points for raw. There is a great android app for looking up points and restaurant foods. See the related link below. ...
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How much do Weight Watchers employees earn?

Less than minimum wage. WW pretends to pay minimum wage, but because of requirements like sending emails to managers, re-ordering supplies, re-stocking, filling out endless paperwork and other various seemingly invisible duties, one tends to make about half of minimum wage (we have one meeting a week here- called a 'traveler' location). The other employees & I agreed it was basically volunteer! Then we found out the CEO makes $650k +bonuses and huge profits for the company. It's great for our community...
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How many pro points are in a special k bliss bar?

Kellogg's Special K Bliss Bar, Mint Chocolate = 2 pro points
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How many weight watcher points are in a cup sugar?

One cup of sugar, white or brown, has a points plus value of 22. This info was taken from the Complete Food Companion (copyright 2010), which is available at all participating Weight Watcher meetings. ...
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How many calories in raw wheat germ?

One serving or three tablespoons of raw wheat germ contains 60 kcal.
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How many weight watcher points for 1 cup rice?

Both white rice or brown rice are 4 points per cup, cooked. If you are now referring to the new points plus program, the points have changed and both now are 5 points plus per cup, cooked. I am sticking to the old points program and have lost 68 lbs!! I suggest having brown rice, and sweet potatoes rather than white carbs. ...
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How many weight watcher points for 1 mango?

1 small mango is BOTH 2 Regular Points and Set Points.
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Can diabetics go on the Weight Watchers diets?

Yes they should be able to and it probably is more healthy than what they are eating now, if it is fast food etc.. Weight watchers has listed on each box, food exchanges and grams of sugar, protein etc.. so you need to track or keep count of what and how many calories you are taking in based on your activity level etc.. Diabetics are at an increased risk for cardiovascular disease and even carpal tunnel syndrome. ...
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How many Weight Watchers points are almonds?

23 almonds = 4 points. i am looking at a weight watcher guide right now.
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Weight Watchers diet plan in 1987?

Call Weight Watchers to ask about it.
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How many weight watcher points in 1 cup of oil?

That depends on the individual oil.
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What foods have the highest weight watcher points?

The foods with the highest point values according to the weight watchers point system include carbs like breads, pastas, and potatoes. Another high point food is obviously desserts because of the high sugar and fat content. ...
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How many weight watcher points in bacon?

bacon is 1 point for one slice, 3 points for 2 slices, or 4 points for 3 slices. ...
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How to lose 7 kg in 15 days?

Diet for 7 Days, 7 KG Please specify the timings means what to have in breakfast, lunch and dinner YES, this works... Follow the simple diet programm for seven days and I am sure you will be able reduce 7 KG weight. Day 1: 10 Glasses of Water All Fruits except Bananas Lots of Watermelon Day 2: 10 Glasses of Water Large Boiled Potato for Breakfast All Vegetables (Raw/Cooked without oil) Day 3: 10 Glasses of Water Mixture of Fruits and Vegetables (Any quantity) No Bananas and Potatoes Day 4: 13 Glasses of Water 3 Glasses...
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How many Weight Watchers points is a baked potato?

4 or 5 is the standard for plain potatoes. If you add cheese, butter, sour cream, bacon, the points will go up. ...
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How many Weight Watchers points are in a 20 oz coke?

There are 7 Weight Watchers PointsPlus points in one 20oz bottle of regular Coca-Cola. ...
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How many calories should a 14-year-old girl eat per day?

She should be eating as much as she can burn off depending on her height and health. If she plays an intensive sport, she should increase the calorie intake as well. It really depends on your weight, height and activity level, but approximately you should eat 1500 to 1800 calories per day to maintain your metabolism rate. It also depends on whether she needs to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain weight. To view specific examples, see the page link, further down this...
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Which beer is 64 calories and 1 Weight Watchers point?

I've only heard of one beer that is 64 calories. This is MGD 64. (that's Miller Genuine Draft). It's actually pretty decent too. Budweiser has their own version of ultra low calorie beer which is actually only 55 calories. I have not tried this one, however. Happy eating and drinking! ...