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A female cheetah lives alone but usally you can see her living with her 1 to 6 cubs and male cheetahs can be seen living in a group with other male cheetahs.

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How many cheetahs are in a normal group?

Cheetahs are solitary animals. Female cheetahs are always alone except when they are raising cubs. During such times, they can be spotted with cubs. Blood brother males live together for life. usually these groups are of sizes from 2 to 4 individuals.

How many penguins live in a group?

Im not that sure about a thousand can live on an island together

How many cheetahs live in the wild?

a lot

What is a group of animals living together called?

A group of animals living together can be a pride, colony or a pack. Many animals like to live together for protection.

How many cheetahs are in Iran?

It is estimated that there are about 70 to 100 cheetahs left in Asia, most of whom live in Iran.

Do cheetahs live in group?

No. They are solitary mammals. Blood brothers of the same litter are known to live together. Such groups can have upto 4 animals. However, females live their lives alone and apart from the time when they have cubs, they lead a solitary life. When a female cheetah has cubs, she can be seen with as many as 4 or 5 cubs along with her

Are there more cheetahs in the zoo than the jungle?

yes because they take the cheetahs from the jungle. )-:

How many Ring Tailed Lemurs live together in a group?

Around 30 individuals

Why do cheetahs live in the forest?

They don't. Cheetahs live on the savannah. A forest wouldn't be a good place to live for an animal that hunts by running very fast - too many trees and hard to keep sight of the prey.

Why do animals live in group?

There are many reasons why animals live in groups. These animals likely work together to eat, hunt, and survive in their environment.

How many penguins live together?

Typically there are about 200 penguins that will live together. There is however no limit to how many penguins will live together.

Do cheetahs live in deserts?

It would not survive long in the desert not many animals live there. They live in the Savannah.Cheetahs live on the African savannah. This is not a desert, but is a very dry environment. There are not many trees on the savannah, but there is lots of grass and small bushes. The cheetah needs open space in order to run, and would not be able to run as far in a forest.No. Cheetahs prefer open country, but not that open.yes

How did ethnic group come together?

an ethnic group comes together when many people of the same religion join together to form an ethnic group.

How many cheetahs are in the rainforest?

Cheetahs don't live in any rain forest. Cheetahs hunt with speed and that doesn't work when there's all those trees around. They need open space to run down their prey.

How many cheetahs are in captivity?

There are 736 cheetahs in captivity

How do cheetahs make their how?

Cheetahs do not have a home. Many animals do not.

A grassland area has many different populations that all live together and interact. What is the name for a group of interacting populations?


How many years can a oldest cheetah live for?

about 21 years i know becaus i did a report on cheetahs when i was younger

Does the male or female cheetah hunt?

The cheetah is an apex or top level predator. There are no known predators for adult cheetahs however they can be killed by lions rarely. Cheetah's usually prey on smaller herbivores like Gazelles, Impala and Springbok. They don't have the size or strength to hunt down larger prey like zebra or wildebeest Cheetahs are solitary animals which live alone. Blood brothers of upto 3 or 4 are known to live together. Irrespective of how many of them live together, they all hunt for themselves.

How many birds are in a flock?

A flock is not made up of a specific number. We can say, its made up of a group, or many. They live, travel, and feed together as a group. Still, there is no specific number that constitutes a flock.

How many ft is two cheetahs together?

The length of the first Cheetah plus the length of the other Cheetah, in feet of course.

How many cheetahs live in Africa?

The current population of cheetahs on the continent of African is not known. There are estimates, but the gap is large. The low estimate is 5,000 and the high estimate is 25,000. There are approximately 300 cheetahs remaining in North America.over 101000010000

How many cheetahs are there in India?

Cheetahs have evidently been extirpated in India.

How many great white sharks live in a group?

1. Great White sharks are solitary hunters and do not hunt together. From the moment they are born, they are alone.

How many mph can cheetahs run?

cheetahs can run up to 60 mph