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How many cities are named Miami?


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there are 54 cities that are named miami..... .....

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Miami, Oklahoma and Miami, Florida.

Miami Florida. Miami Oklahoma. Miami Ohio. Miami Missouri Miami New Mexico. Miami Texas. Miami Iowa. Miami Indiana. Miami West Virgina.

There is no Miami in Georgia. There is a Miami in neighboring Florida, and in Indiana. Athens, Atlanta, and Columbus are all cities in Georgia, and there are cities named Athens and Columbus in other US states as well.

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There are a lot of American cities named after other cities, most of which are named after English cities. Some cities named after English cities are New York, Boston, Dover, Hartford, Springfield, Salem, and Concord. However, there are also other cities named after already American cities. This explains why there are so many cities named Albany or so many cities named Springfield, etc.

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There aren't 500 cities in Miami...

There are 10 cities in the United States named Bethlehem.

All over the world, there are about 15 cities and states named Houston.

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their are 2 cities that are named Omaha. Like Omaha in Texas, and Omaha, Nebraska.

123.54 miles. Naples and Miami are two amazing cities!

No it was named for the Miami River of Florida which takes its name from Lake Mayaimi. Miamii, Oklahoma was named for the Miami Indians.

Miami is named after the Miami River.

Numerous states have or have had settlements, towns and cities bearing the name Miami besides Florida. They include, California, Texas and Oklahoma. There are other popular place names in the US including at least 30 named Franklin, 29 named Clinton and 28 named Springfield.

There are many American cities named after English cities. Typically this cities will be found more in the Northeastern USA. Some cities include Boston, New York, Hartford, Springfield, and Dover.

There are no cities in England named 'Albion'. Albion is an archaic name for Great Britain or England.

It is not named for the Miami Indian people, but for the Miami River which draws its name from Lake Mayaimi and the Mayaimis who lived in that area.

Miami is the only city in Miami. I suspect that what you meant to ask is what are the 3 largest cities in Florida. Ranking by population, those are:JacksonvilleMiamiTampa

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